Synonyms for Dig:


motion, beckon, flag down, indicate, hand-wringing, High five, flip off, moon, acknowledge. comment, scoop, backchat, bon mot, spade, aside, bromide, enter, grub, back talk, afterthought, acknowledgment, allusion, shovel. eat it up, love, make, be one for (doing) something, quite like/enjoy something, like the sound of something, not be averse to something, can't get enough of something, adore. tunnel, burrow, bulldoze, explore, investigate, inquire, grub up, scout, dredge, look into, bore, reconnoiter, probe. follow up, gather, look up, uncover, show, check up on, research. run, sink, stick, put in, plunge, ram. touch, jog. take in, see, take, twig, ken, conceive, make out, catch, follow, understand, read, get, fathom, accept, sense. savor, enjoy, relish, like, go for. dig (noun)
travail, stab, grasp, savvy, shot, gibe, cut into, get the picture, fag, labor, drudge, hollow, toil, grind, prod, compass, turn over, digging, poke, apprehend, excavation, moil, delve, jibe, slam, barb, labour, comprehend, jab, shaft.
excavation (noun)
exploration, expedition.
insult (noun)
insult, ridicule, taunt, gibe, cut, innuendo.
ridicule (noun)


delve into; hollow out (verb)
uncover, scoop, spade, tunnel, grub, burrow, investigate, bulldoze, dredge, turn over, probe, enter, channel, bore, shovel.
enjoy, like (verb)
love, relish, understand, go for, follow, groove.
groove (verb)
furrow, corrugate, cut, dado, rut, groove, incise, flute, channel.
investigate; discover (verb)
research, delve, inquire, look into.
thrust object into (verb)
ram, jog, plunge, poke, stick, sink, stab, prod, jab.
understand (verb)
take in, apprehend, comprehend, take, see, accept, catch, grasp.

Other synonyms:

indicate, High five, check up on, look into, hand-wringing, understand, moon, flag down, enjoy, insult, beckon, flip off. reconnoiter, fathom, grub, like, twig, scoop, spade, read, explore. plunge, investigate, jog, ken, scout, ram, research, look up, inquire. uncover, shovel. follow up, acknowledge, conceive, love. gather. accept. see. follow. sink. catch. take. get. run. apply
check up on.
look into
follow up, look into.
poke at

Usage examples for dig

  1. Oliver's begun to dig – Country Neighbors by Alice Brown
  2. But don't you think we'd better dig it up ourselves, right away? – The Dragon's Secret by Augusta Huiell Seaman
  3. If Jerry could dig up a couple of lanterns-" " You wait. – Cow-Country by B. M. Bower