Synonyms for Scheme:


preparation, arrangements, agreement, planning. layout, game plan, basis, means, planned, mode. collude, collusion, cabal, conspiracy, be in league with someone, hatch, get ideas, connivance, conspire, machination. calculation (noun)
assessment, deduction, consideration, approximation, enumeration, estimation, determination, division, triangulation, evaluation, conclusion, statistics, arithmetic, multiplication, thought, calculation, appraisal, measurement, supposition, computation, presumption, judgement, algebra, reckoning, valuation, mathematics, inference, method, algorithm, system, calculus, quantification.
cognition (noun)
course of action (noun)
arrangement, proposal, schedule, proposition, contrivance, layout, schema, plan, project, outline, order, chart, game plan, system, blueprint, strategy, program, design.
intention (noun)
approach, goal, agenda, strategy, policy, forethought, proposal, aim, idea, expectation, object, intention, scenario, forecast, choice, prospectus, wish, will, ambition.
method (noun)
discipline, manner, course, process, trajectory, tactic, way, mechanism, schema, technique.
plan (noun)
coordination, contrivance, premeditation, conception, proposition, blueprint, arrangement, invention, anticipation.
plot, maneuver to get result (noun)
dodge, conspiracy, cabal, intrigue, scenario, machination.
project (noun)
study at plan.
scheme (noun)
dodge, intrigue, strategy, outline, schema, connive, dodging.
venture (noun)
deed, feat, performance, adventure, production, task, pursuit, activity, undertaking, exploit, initiative, procedure, project, affair, enterprise.


calculate (verb)
deduce, quantize, multiply, estimate, schedule, quantify, plan, guess, surmise, gauge, rate, presume, consider, think, total, score, rationalize, determine, judge, measure, add, plot, figure, sum, reckon, enumerate, value, divide, compute, suppose, conclude, approximate, count, assess, study, systematize, calculate, appraise, rank, infer, account, weigh, tally, program, triangulate, evaluate.
cognition (verb)
intrigue, connive.
intend (verb)
expect, mean, resolve, mind, propose, choose, intend.
order (verb)
structure, shape, design, compose, chart, prepare, support, class, establish, normalize, balance, unify, pigeonhole, mediate, marshal, cast, subordinate, unsnarl, group, frame, collate, separate, order, form, right, place, adjust, maintain, arrange, organize, harmonize, orchestrate, fix, integrate, grade, stabilize, stratify, Methodize, sort, schematize, screen, sift, set, type, classify, settle, categorize, array, devise, control, regulate.
plan (verb)
contrive, conceive, anticipate, coordinate, premeditate, invent.
venture (verb)
campaign, endeavor, act, maneuver, undertake, proceed, venture, initiate, perform, pursue.

Other synonyms:

conspire, connivance. collusion, game plan, machination, hatch, layout, collude, conspiracy. plot
Other relevant words:
cabal, layout, means, machination, connivance, conspire, mode, game plan, intrigue, dodging, dodge, collusion, conspiracy, planning, collude, outline, hatch, connive.

Usage examples for scheme

  1. I must tell you all about our scheme – The Rebel of the School by Mrs. L. T. Meade
  2. " A very clever scheme he declared, " a very clever scheme indeed." – Jeanne of the Marshes by E. Phillips Oppenheim
  3. Say, boys, that's a great scheme – The Boy Scout Fire Fighters by Irving Crump