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laughingstock (noun)

fair game, April fool, patsy, butt, laughingstock, dupe, victim, sucker, monkey, game, buffoon.

dupe (verb)

hoodwink, dupe, mislead, deceive, trick.

dupe (noun)

laughingstock, dupe, sucker, April fool, victim.

Other synonyms:

rally, gather in, chump, patsy, frivol away, simpleminded, snap, lollipop, sucker, stigma, wacky, ridiculous, mount, twit, soak up, suck, cockamamie, dip, shlemiel, sap, print, inject, laughable, overhear, gain, balmy, all-day sucker, dupe, caramel, shoot, schmuck, senseless, germinate, tantalize, saphead, bull's eye, countenance, witless, slang, film, brainless, target, daft, turkey, ability, brand, brown sugar, lunkheaded, stain, screwball, mugful, view, phiz, invite, photograph, tantalise, turn in, bubbleheaded, eunuch, schmo, watch, take, asinine, fritter away, see, zany, grade, arse around, Christmas pudding, wear, crazy, goosey, scar, absurd, bum about, weak-minded, scratch, loony, physiognomy, make up, cuckoo, foolish, lunatic, senseless, mark, earn, rag, put one over, suck up, marking, dotty, taunt, flash, dopy, scud, nutty, scrape, bend the truth, seagull, fatuous, lunkheaded, blackjack, harebrained, alderman, dart, cod, daffy, arse about, loll around, half-baked, gooselike, concoct, stooge, scatter, motley fool, bubbleheaded, marker, jerky, frig around, lunatic, donkey, ludicrous, gander, save, daffy, play around, dippy, jerk, fool around, clear, spud, trifle away, realize, nonsensical, bring in, misspeak, innocent, make, not in your right mind/not right in the head, softhead, soft touch, childish, fatuous, daft, bum, harebrained, cuckoo, able, apple pie, visage, pip, featherheaded, waste, sign, bait, dopey, nerd, loll, apothecary, realise, anserine, featherheaded, mad, lightweight, dotty, squander, preposterous, screwball, over-the-top, goofy, kooky, mad, inept, dash, break up, wise, half-baked, weak-minded, chronicler, crazy, sprout, clown, philosopher, loaf, brainless, crisscross, hit, sappy, dippy, ninny, cake, goof, apply, bourgeon, take up, spread out, asinine, loony, stupid, put one across, throw away, bum around, muggins, absurd, cockamamy, adopt, simple, disperse, tomfool, blow, preposterous, governess, ding-dong, mug, charge, befool, manufacture, fritter, choc-ice, catch, numskull, get into, unwise, collect, airhead, kisser, half-witted, tease, half-witted, schlemiel, mooncalf, take-in, tear, lump, invent, insane, sage, razz, assume, whacky, alderwoman, sop up, blast, unreasonable, nutty, jerky, goose, kooky, waste one's time, pigeon, receive, fool away, simpleminded, lounge about, fabricate, unwise, oaf, bell ringer, chandler, pullulate, cockeyed, assimilate, carob, goosy, calculating, pushover, ingest, dumb blond, maniac, riot away, burgeon forth, goat, cosh, dispel, intelligent, draw, witless, smiler, pull in, cross, don, joker, gudgeon, fall guy, sea gull, balmy, suck in, score, lamb, shoot down, angelica, wiseacre, scoot, buck, banana split, absorb, setup, cockeyed, consume, ride, innkeeper, horse around, inept, cabin boy, chocolate, lie, jester, put on, silly, insane, numpty, imbibe, home run, noodle, gull, lounge around, nonsensical, capable, have, dissipate.

Examples of usage:

And there was one who was going to be a fool. - "Castle of Terror", E.J. Liston.

Is Harrik a fool? - "The Weavers, Complete", Gilbert Parker Last Updated: March 14, 2009.

What a fool I am to feel it like this! - "Lady Audley's Secret", Mary Elizabeth Braddon.

Similar words:

spoon food, takeout food, Rechewed Food, plant food, rabbit food, single-foot, square foot, squirrel's-foot fern, rabbit's-foot fern, prairie bird's-foot trefoil.

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