Synonyms for Fool:


zany (adjective)


maniac, goat, joker, airhead, pigeon, setup, lump, gudgeon, pushover, numpty, stooge, dumb blond. chronicler, chandler, alderwoman, schmo, alderman, softhead, apothecary, innkeeper, ability, cabin boy, ding-dong, schmuck, dip, governess, goof, simple, eunuch, gander. bend the truth, manufacture, waste, invent, Misspeak, make up, squander, fabricate, riot away, blow, throw away, trifle away, lie, concoct, save. ass (noun)
donkey, dolt.
buffoon (noun)
zany, joker, jester.
butt (noun)
laughingstock, fall guy, chump, mark, sap, goat, patsy, setup, pigeon.
clod (noun)
lame-brain, dummy, dumbbell.
dupe (noun)
dupe, laughingstock, victim, April Fool.
fall guy (noun)
schmuck, patsy.
fool (noun)
imbecile, buffoon, clod, fool away, horse around, fool around, clown, chump, put one across, ignoramus, saphead, cockamamy, dunce, half-wit, dopy, simpleton, dissipate, soft touch, goosey, muggins, unreasonable, COD, moron, turkey, crackpot, gull, dummy, dimwit, shlemiel, goosy, Arse Around, ninny, dolt, bonehead, mark, mug, patsy, blockhead, fair game, goose, dumbbell, gooselike, wacky, chuckle-head, whacky, slang, nincompoop, meathead, anserine, frivol away, dopey, tomfool, victim, loon, cretin, sappy, schlemiel, innocent, lightweight, fritter, fritter away, put one over, silly, stooge, zany, fall guy, foolish, lame-brain, cockamamie, oaf, nitwit, dullard, take in, birdbrain, dupe, befool, goofy, knuckle-head, numskull, bungler, sap, put on, shoot, jester.
geek (noun)
ignoramus (noun)
scatterbrain, birdbrain.
laughingstock (noun)
monkey, buffoon, game, patsy, butt, fair game.
person (noun)
sap, saphead, tomfool, muggins.
pushover (noun)
stupid person (noun)
dunce, chump, dummy, sap, clod, dolt.


bluff (verb)
mislead, betray, lie, trick, counterfeit, defraud.
deceive (verb)
bilk, swindle, betray, delude, cheat, defraud, counterfeit, forge, falsify, mislead, deceive.
dupe (verb)
trick, hoodwink.
fool (verb)
gull, cheat, dupe, put on, deceive, delude.

Other synonyms:

governess, ding-dong, airhead, schmuck, donkey, dumb blond, lump, gudgeon, chandler, eunuch, apothecary, nerd, ninny, joker, schmo, goose, numpty, softhead, chronicler. jerk, turkey, pigeon, setup, alderwoman, goof, alderman. lamb, gander. simple. arse around
Arse Around.
take in.
Other relevant words:
lightweight, clown, ding-dong, goose, lamb, goofy, dip, cockamamy, ridiculous, laughable, sappy, donkey, frivol away, joker, fool away, silly, eunuch, slang, innocent, noodle, turkey, numpty, nerd, tomfool, zany, jester, fritter away, dopy, setup, jerk, anserine, oaf, fall guy, chump, muggins, ninny, put one over, childish, goat, gull, fritter, horse around, wacky, put on, whacky, simple, numskull, alderwoman, alderman, governess, fool around, stooge, unreasonable, mug, dopey, schlemiel, schmuck, ludicrous, mark, goosey, goosy, sap, shoot, soft touch, wiseacre, goof, gooselike, softhead, dissipate, put one across, pigeon, foolish, schmo, chandler, gander, befool, gudgeon, COD, pushover, cockamamie, saphead, Mooncalf, shlemiel, lump.

Usage examples for fool

  1. And there was one who was going to be a fool – Castle of Terror by E.J. Liston
  2. Is Harrik a fool – The Weavers, Complete by Gilbert Parker Last Updated: March 14, 2009
  3. What a fool I am to feel it like this! – Lady Audley's Secret by Mary Elizabeth Braddon