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yack - 51 results
Other synonyms:

lambaste, lecture, cackle, chide, rattle on, call on the carpet, visit, chatter, prattle, jaw, chit-chat, waffle, chew the fat, call down, gab, yakety-yak, chaffer, rag, talk through your hat, chew out, claver, chat, gossip, confab, lambast, shoot the breeze, chitchat, confabulate, chew up, reproof, babble, yap away, remonstrate, masticate, rebuke, have words, dress down, trounce, chattering, reprimand, yak, scold, bawl out, take to task, gas, yack away, chew, run off at the mouth, berate, manducate, natter.

Examples of usage:

" Find him, Yack," said Swan, standing straight again. - "Sawtooth Ranch", B. M. Bower.

" You watch out now, Yack. - "Sawtooth Ranch", B. M. Bower.

One said in my presence, There was a kauli juva that dicked the evil yack ad mandy the sala- my chavo's missis- an' a'ter dovo I shooned that my chavo was naflo. - "The English Gipsies and Their Language", Charles G. Leland.

Similar words:

yack away.

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