Synonyms for Flush:


clean (adjective)
flat (adjective)
flat, square, planar, even, contiguous, horizontal, prairie-like, tabular, level.
overflowing, abundant (adjective)
rich, full.


spasm, twinge, fit, impulse, flash, spurt. pan, paper towel, two-ply/three-ply etc., prosperous, toilet roll, roller towel, toilet paper, ball cock, plentiful, rich. deport, evict, clean, douse, rinse, send away, hound, irrigate, expel, wash, banish, wash out, exile, starve out, drive out, spray, displace. discard, dispose of, dump, shed, remove, do away with, color, replace, eradicate, eliminate, throw away. call, cards, hand, bid, glow, full house, dummy, deal, express, grand slam, dealer, mantle. buoy, exhilarate, exalt, happy, lift, uplift, animate, burn, drain, flame, inspirit, elevate, color up, inspire, elate. deluge, ebb, current, drip, in, inundate, flow, full, engulf, overwhelm, course, submerge, eddy, whelm, drown, maelstrom, down. exactly, precisely, smack-dab, smack, wash off, dead, directly, hose down, just, precise, straight, direct, right, square, flush out, fair, squarely, mop, Disinfect, swab, swill. blush (noun)
glow, color.
flat (noun)
level, flat.
flush (noun)
drive out, flat, burn, expel, redden, rich, level, prosperous, glow, square, blush, swab, full, wash, flame, rinse, even.
rich (noun)
comfortably off, in funds, in the lap of luxury, comfortable.


become or make pink or red (verb)
mantle, color up, blush, flame, burn, redden.
inundate with liquid (verb)
rinse, wash, swab, expel.
pass (verb)
pass through, permeate, infiltrate, leach, infuse, percolate.
redden (verb)
redden, blush.

Other synonyms:

deluge, paper towel, color up, roller towel, smack-dab, toilet roll, whelm, ball cock, plentiful, toilet paper. eddy, elate, squarely, dealer, inundate, grand slam, flame, engulf, full house, maelstrom, exhilarate, twinge. drown, precisely, mantle, spurt, inspirit, buoy, exactly. directly, straight, overwhelm, animate, inspire, impulse, ebb, pan. uplift, submerge. dummy, smack, color, drain, current, exalt. hand, wash, deal, elevate, drip, lift. bid. flash. flow, fit. course. burn. in. call. down. color
Other relevant words:
elate, uplift, course, prosperous, wash, squarely, even, in funds, full, rinse, color up, straight, rich, flow, right, exalt, elevate, square, comfortable, glow, lift, color, mantle.

Usage examples for flush

  1. A deep flush was on her cheek. – Marion's Faith. by Charles King
  2. So writes Charlotte, in the first flush of her grief. – Emily Brontë by A. Mary F. (Agnes Mary Frances) Robinson
  3. I felt myself flush and tremble. – Hugh Wynne, Free Quaker by S. Weir Mitchell