Synonyms for Star:


famous, illustrious (adjective)
chief, principal, leading.
master (adjective)
directing, Presiding, head, principal, master, commanding, ruling, senior, governing, leading.


act, clown, comedian, comic, comedienne, acrobat, cast, conjurer, artist, artiste. favorite, ham, character actor, actor, player, leading lady, COSTAR, heart-throb, actress, double, body double. portray, understudy, play, double for, enact, ad lib, overact, performing arts. samaritan, saint, angel, mensch, go-to guy, treasure, savior, fairy godmother, dear. asteroid, constellation, cosmic dust, celestial object, dark matter, antimatter, comet, the Big Dipper, black hole, cluster. mark, highlight, check, underline, underscore, scribble, plot, stamp, cross out. blouse, chevron, combat, ensign, dress uniform, bearskin, camouflage, battledress, body armor, breastplate. board, full board, hospitality tray, room and board, order up, bed-and-breakfast, minibar, room service, hotel, housekeeping. ideal, queen, the gold standard, the Top Ten, the last word, flagship, perfection, the best, king, optimum. public figure, vip, personality, the glitterati, celebrity, sleb, icon, living legend. signet, Britannia, swastika, totem, skull and crossbones, service mark, white flag. diamond, equilateral triangle, cuboid, hexagon, cross, heptagon, cube, fractal. astrology (noun)
astrological, astrologer, aquarius, chart, gemini, cancer, astrology, capricorn, aries.
dignitary (noun)
light source (noun)
floodlight, street lamp, fire, Illuminator, light bulb, taper, floor lamp, lantern, table lamp, candle, flashlight, pilot light, incandescent light, desk light, torch, oil lamp, mercury-vapor lamp, beacon, flame, light, klieg light, sun, fluorescent light, arc lamp, moonbeam, neon light, headlight, spotlight, flare, searchlight, lamp, moon, Tungsten lamp, jack-o'-lantern.
master (noun)
headmistress, authority, president, mahatma, quartermaster, director, head, manager, kingpin, commander, ruler, mother, leader, proprietress, governor, commandant, proprietor, squire, landlady, master, headmaster, chief, senior, guru, principal, lord, dean, captain, officer, landlord, maestro, mandarin, abbot, titleholder, executive, sire.
person who is famous (noun)
celebrity, luminary, favorite.
prodigy (noun)
miracle, luminary, thunderbolt, curiosity, sensation, spectacle, genius, stunner, wizard, expert, talent, shocker, rarity, wonder, magician, whiz, marvel, oddity, phenomenon, crackerjack.
superior (noun)
premier, elite, winner, boss, sovereign, superman, champion, victor, superwoman, champ, virtuoso, superior, prodigy, wonderwoman, nobility, exceller, paragon, prima donna, prize winner, aristocracy.
very important person (noun)

Other synonyms:

Britannia, service mark, actor, constellation, mensch, samaritan, go-to guy, cross out, living legend, savior, fairy godmother, sleb, overact, double for, signet, skull and crossbones, portray. scribble, understudy, angel, dear, celebrity, swastika, personality, treasure, totem, white flag, enact, underscore, saint, COSTAR, king. play, ad lib, underline. plot. highlight. stamp. mark. check, act. act
Other relevant words:
comic, astrological, board, perfection, double, Britannia, public figure, breastplate, check, enact, chart, acrobat, housekeeping, celebrity, understudy, diamond, favorite, personality, constellation, signet, queen, actor, dear, astrologer, minibar, icon, cluster, flagship, aries, ham, mark, black hole, cube, asteroid, player, ensign, COSTAR, combat, hotel, saint, portray, actress, artiste, camouflage, treasure, highlight, chevron, capricorn, cancer, comedienne, hexagon, cast, conjurer, comet, antimatter, heart-throb, artist, battledress, leading lady, king, cross, cuboid, mensch, clown, aquarius, optimum, overact, underscore, plot, savior, swastika, astrology, comedian, vip, fractal, samaritan, play, scribble, angel, act, sleb, heptagon, stamp, underline, blouse, bearskin, gemini, totem, ideal.

Usage examples for star

  1. Not long after the pretty girl came from the middle of the field to get her star dress; she saw Aponitolau sitting on it. – Traditions of the Tinguian: A Study in Philippine Folk-Lore by Fay-Cooper Cole
  2. Lucia, am I not born under a lucky star – Captain Dieppe by Anthony Hope