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unimportant (adjective)

minor, superficial, mere, meaningless, unimportant, unconsidered, irrelevant, of no consequence/of little consequence, inconsequential, petty.

Examples of usage:

They seemed to her inessential. - "Hilda Lessways", Arnold Bennett.

It was by realising this fact, and applying his exceptionally fine critical intuition to this task, that Professor Raleigh, considering the essentials, was able to draw a very much more convincing picture of the personality of Shakespeare than that which was drawn, brilliantly indeed, by Mr. Frank Harris; but Mr. Harris, I think, devoted his attention to qualities in Shakespeare which- whether in any sense real or not- were in any case secondary and inessential elements in the dramatist's character. - "Personality in Literature", Rolfe Arnold Scott-James.

She had been afraid of a hundred contingencies only this morning, fretted with tiny necessities, annoyed by inessential details. - "Undertow", Kathleen Norris.

Similar words:

ineffectual, inextensible, inexpensive, ineffective.

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