Synonyms for Subordinate:


all (adjective)
derivative (adjective)
inferior (adjective)
junior, underling, second, subservient, subject, lesser, under, dependent, menial, inferior, below.
lesser, supplementary (adjective)
auxiliary, lower, low, submissive, minor, inferior, dependent, ancillary, junior, subject, subservient, accessory, collateral, subsidiary, secondary, under, subaltern.
lower (adjective)
obsequious (adjective)
servile (adjective)
browbeaten, deferential, servile, downtrodden, complaisant, Subjected, obedient, menial, subservient, slavish, kowtowing, acquiescent, attending, curtsying, dutiful, Genuflecting, feudal, inferior, groveling, devoted, submissive, docile, yielding, biddable, humble, willing.
subordinate (adjective)
unfranchised, subservient, subject, servile, obedient, enslaved, enthralled, dependent, constrained, supine, bound, Subjected, compliant, submissive, under, deferent, junior, subjugated.
supplementary (adjective)


in descending order, incidental. part, collateral. assistant (noun)
agent, proxy, aide-de-camp, stooge, backer, benefactor, helpmate, menial, flunky, extra, functionary, second, partner, underling, henchman, laborer, auxiliary, Aider, attendant, adjunct, accessory, employee, lieutenant, attorney, deputy, follower, junior, associate, abettor, aide, assistant, helper, servant, chaperone, patsy, ancillary, hireling, accomplice, minion, acolyte.
follower (noun)
inferior (noun)
nonstarter, also-ran, subaltern, underachiever, flop, second fiddle, underdog, failure, second banana, turkey, dud, reject, loser, lemon, has-been, born loser.
person (noun)
underling, subsidiary.
person that serves another (noun)
flunky, second, second fiddle, assistant, deputy, attendant, servant, serf, underling, aide, helper, peon.
servant (noun)
helping hand, serf, subject, chattel, help, hand, volunteer, vassal, worker, aid, pawn, peon.
subordinate (noun)
buck, deputy, ruled, junior-grade, dependent, subservient, proxy, underling, subdue, secondary, subsidiary, adjunct, assistant, under, low-level, subordinate word, lower, petty, lower-ranking, hyponym, subaltern, junior, submissive, associate, lowly, subject.


accompanying (verb)
change (verb)
lessen (verb)
lessen, diminish.
lessening (verb)
lessen, diminish.
order (verb)
classify, stratify, compose, establish, structure, collate, frame, right, support, rate, array, group, maintain, design, schedule, orchestrate, marshal, pigeonhole, sort, organize, prepare, unify, screen, stabilize, grade, plot, Methodize, place, chart, categorize, form, separate, score, unsnarl, integrate, normalize, shape, set, rationalize, sift, scheme, control, cast, schematize, mediate, order, type, balance, regulate, harmonize, adjust, fix, program, settle, devise, arrange, class, systematize, rank, plan.
subordinate (verb)
constrain, enslave, bind, subjugate, enthrall.

Other synonyms:

smalltime, co-worker, opposite number, colleague, workmate, counterpart. minor league, minor. incidental. small, low. relief. Other relevant words:
part, counterpart, hyponym, buck, subordinate word, junior-grade, subdue, low-level, workmate, minor, petty, over, minor league, lowly, ruled, collateral, colleague, incidental, small, lower-ranking, relief, subsidiary, co-worker, lower, secondary, low, smalltime.

Usage examples for subordinate

  1. The loss of subordinate officers had been very heavy. – The Struggle for Missouri by John McElroy
  2. This is subordinate because derived; and, because derived, dependent. – Orthodoxy: Its Truths And Errors by James Freeman Clarke
  3. Neither he nor his subordinate remains a moment longer on the ground. – The Lone Ranche by Captain Mayne Reid