Synonyms for Celebrity:


living legend, public figure, sleb, the glitterati. exposure, idol, big-name, lion, vip, stardom, worthy, dignitary, personage, hero, greatness, somebody, bigwig, star, heroine, toast, immortality, chief, luminary, big shot, notable, the spotlight, figure, name, personality, magnate. knowledge. VIP (noun)
famous person.
celebrity (noun)
famous person, Fame, renown.
dignitary (noun)
figure, famous person, big shot, notable, magnate, personality, luminary, name, worthy, hero, somebody, bigwig, vip, star, personage, lion.
fame, notoriety (noun)
notability, popularity, preeminence, stardom, reputation, prominence, distinction, renown.
person (noun)
famous person.
reputation (noun)
preeminence, reputation, Famousness, distinction, renown, prominence, notoriety, noteworthiness, Fame, legend, elevation, Illustriousness, esteem, fable, notability, Memorability, acclaim, popularity.
somebody (noun)
public figure.
very important person (noun)
luminary, big shot.

Other synonyms:

heroine, living legend, stardom, immortality, sleb, big-name, hero. personality, personage. luminary, notable, name. exposure. star. celebrity
very important person
Other relevant words:
famous person, big shot, exposure, somebody, magnate, idol, stardom, name, dignitary, bigwig, knowledge, vip, greatness, personality, public figure, lion, immortality, personage, chief, toast, sleb, worthy, heroine, figure, luminary, notable, star, hero.

Usage examples for celebrity

  1. They're quite as keen on a celebrity in my country at least, as they are on a millionaire." – The House by the Lock by C. N. Williamson
  2. They just remember I wrote them when they want a celebrity at a tea. – Rose MacLeod by Alice Brown
  3. Since that time, she had not ceased to rail on those who had seduced her son into celebrity and danger; and, after a while, had been left to rail alone. – La Vendée An Historical Romance by Anthony Trollope