Synonyms for Butter:


butchery, vegetable, buffalo, yak, cacao, blend, blanch, bulk, creamery, carve, bone, Shea, cube, beat, soy, butcher, tub, bake, chill, sweet, ghee, country. preserve, paste, peanut butter, spread, jam, jelly, caviar, marmalade. fat (noun)
ghee, oil, spread.
oil (noun)
fat, margerine, grease, unguent, lubrication, crude, lard, oil, petroleum, balm.

Other synonyms:

carve, blanch, peanut butter, caviar, marmalade. butchery, preserve. bone, cube, jelly. blend. paste. chill. jam. beat. spread. lubricate
Other relevant words:
chill, spread, ghee, preserve, jelly, caviar, jam, marmalade, paste, bone.

Usage examples for butter

  1. Meg drank her tea, and to her own amazement ate up her egg and several pieces of bread- and- butter with the utmost relish. – Jan and Her Job by L. Allen Harker
  2. And I- am not very fond of bread- and- butter – The Unbearable Bassington by Saki
  3. In my embarrassment I rose and offered the bread and butter to Cecilia, who declined it. – The Siege of the Seven Suitors by Meredith Nicholson