Synonyms for Color:


all (adjective)


blackness, baroque, aesthetic, blue, value, tan, accessible, yellow, avant-garde, glow, gray, artistic, abstract, gold, discoloration, cast, green, camp, purple, orange, red, blankness, brown, pink, luminosity, black, blush, artsy-craftsy, iridescence, wash, undertone, campy. decide, lead to, guise, give, pack a punch, grip, catch, influence, appearance, skew, stir. buzz, bite, colors, spark, novelty, fascination, animation, life, mystery. dyestuff, curler, brush, blow dryer, barrette, conditioner, colorant, curling iron, bobby pin, comb. brighten, fade, redden, bleach, respray, blacken. Complected, coloured, bloom, better, albino, colored, Complexioned, flush, bloodless, bronzed. flag, bunting, standard, blue peter, jack, flagpole, Banderole, banner, Oriflamme, banneret, ensign, hammer and sickle, pennon, jolly roger, substitute, streamer, mast, checkered flag, pennant. flame, front, drain, burn, veil, Disguisement, window dressing, color up, veneer, cover, false colors, put on, face, masquerade, flood. credibility, darkness, color scheme, believability, flash, plausibleness, plausibility, creditability, likely, chromatic, Creditableness, verisimilitude, contrast, depth, credibleness. run, sweep over, engulf, pulse, come over, grow, heighten, surge. on air, live, programming, on-screen, televisual, radio, continuity, rating, television. attribute (noun)
colour, colouring, coloring.
coloring (noun)
deceptive appearance (noun)
guise, semblance, face, front.
draft (noun)
enlist, recruit, conscript.
pigment, shade (noun)
dye, hue, complexion, stain, coloring, wash, cast, blush, tincture, colorant, glow, tint, undertone, iridescence, value, luminosity, paint.
plausibleness (noun)
vividness (noun)
dullness, richness, brightness, drabness, force, liveliness, brilliance, piquancy, interest, freshness, vitality, zest.


change (verb)
colorize, colourize, colorise, Colour In, colourise, colour, color in.
color (verb)
paint, shade, stain, ink, tint, dye.
make pigmented; shade (verb)
burn, bloom, emblazon, tone, redden, flush, blacken, gloss, pigment.
variegate (verb)
colorize, stripe, freckle, dapple, tessellate, fleck, checker, marble, check, streak, striate.

Other synonyms:

curling iron, plausibility, hammer and sickle, spark, curler, color scheme, bronzed, barrette, false colors, sweep over, televisual, believability, conditioner, window dressing, credibleness, on air, blush, Creditableness, blow dryer, influence, plausibleness, checkered flag, appearance, bobby pin, Disguisement, blue peter, continuity, flagpole, colorant, vitality, dyestuff, respray, jolly roger, zest, redden, banneret, Oriflamme, lead to, color up, bunting, heighten, Banderole, fade, creditability. banner, masquerade, pennon, flag, fascination, novelty, coloured, decide, life, credibility, on-screen, pennant, chromatic, streamer, guise, discoloration. engulf, glow, brown, animation, mystery, skew, rating, yellow, programming, brighten, verisimilitude, veneer, comb, mast, ensign. colored, standard, bite, bloom, come over, front, bloodless, radio, flush, darkness, stir, television. flame, jack. catch, veil, wash, cast, put on, buzz. pulse, surge. drain, grip. depth, flood, black. give. face. live. burn, flash. run. colour in
Colour In.
colouring material
Colouring Material.
people of colour
People Of Colour.
Other relevant words:
blush, glow, vividness, emblazon, distort, guise, cast, colour, gloss, coloring, color up, redden, brightness, colorant, flush, complexion.

Usage examples for color

  1. It's exactly the color of the other one! – Out of the Primitive by Robert Ames Bennet
  2. " And you're getting a better color every day, Bibbs; you really are. – The Turmoil A Novel by Booth Tarkington
  3. How call you the color Count de Guiche? – Cyrano de Bergerac by Edmond Rostand