Synonyms for Inflamed:


all (adjective)
reddened, ablaze.
angry (adjective)
congested (adjective)
sore, swollen, septic, bloodshot, raw, fevered, tender, chafed, red, irritated, burnt.
excited (adjective)
attentive, Energized, impassioned, ardent, breathless, anxious, disturbed, aroused, excited, feverish, disquieted, effervescent, passionate, stimulated, exhilarated, animated, electrified, fiery, burning, fervent, agitated, turbulent.
stirred to anger (adjective)
Incited, aroused, angry.


angry, agonising, chapped, bad, crippling, acute, chronic, agonizing, Incited, achy. congested (noun)
raw, fevered, septic, red, swollen, burnt, sore, painful, tender, bloodshot.
inflamed (noun)
decorated, adorned, reddened, light, unhealthy, ablaze.


aggravated (verb)
discomposed, Badgered, fretted, disturbed, peeved, aggravated, annoyed, aroused, Grated, Rankled, perturbed, hassled, Antagonized, troubled, exasperated, enraged, harassed, exacerbated, upset, Envenomed, irked, pestered, bedeviled, needled, Baited, infuriated, Nagged, vexed, bothered, harried, teased.
excited (verb)
ignited (verb)
ignited, kindled, burned, lit.
pained (verb)
afflicted, Wrenched, tortured, irritated, stitched, anguished, Suffered, tormented, Discomforted, stung, Throbbed, cramped, Smarted, distressed, pained, agonized, hurt, Racked, Ached, chafed.
sensitized (verb)

Other synonyms:

painful. enraged
Other relevant words:
ablaze, sore, raw, reddened, tender, Incited, adorned, septic, fevered, light, decorated, swollen, angry, unhealthy, red, bloodshot, painful.

Usage examples for inflamed

  1. This sight inflamed me. – The Memoires of Casanova, Complete The Rare Unabridged London Edition Of 1894, plus An Unpublished Chapter of History, By Arthur Symons by Jacques Casanova de Seingalt
  2. A child who had this second process performed yesterday has her lip fearfully swollen and inflamed – Unbeaten-Tracks-in-Japan by Bird, Isabella L. (Isabella Lucy)
  3. There was conviction in Mary's inflamed neck not to be resisted; and the conviction went to her heart. – Home Scenes, and Home Influence A Series of Tales and Sketches by T. S. Arthur