Synonyms for Snowball:


begin, increase, explode, come into being, mushroom, fall/fit into place, arrive, commence, arise, develop, start, originate, set in. curtain, multiply, run up, amplify, avalanche, grow, dew, build, expand, proliferate, burgeon, cloudburst, mount, augment, upsurge, deluge, soar, magnify, dewdrop, build up, downpour, aggrandize, wax, swell, extend, beef up, acid rain, blizzard, escalate, band, rise, boost, enlarge. ball (noun)
basketball, football, globule, globe, medicine ball, soft ball, Ping-pong Ball, ball bearing, baseball, golf ball, sphere, eight ball, orb, cannon ball, ball, bowling ball, tennis ball, volleyball.
flower (noun)
anemone, foxglove, foxtail, hepatica, Sweet William, dogwood, zinnia, orchid, forget-me-not, mimosa, begonia, narcissus, acacia, Black-Eyed Susan, hollyhock, primrose, baby's breath, hydrangea, marigold, laurel, sweet pea, columbine, cornflower, magnolia, lady's slipper, gardenia, ranunculus, gladiolus, lily, flax, fleur-de-lis, larkspur, violet, petunia, jasmine, flower, crocus, hibiscus, pansy, peony, jonquil, lupine, goldenrod, indigo, hawthorn, iris, chrysanthemum, cowslip, bluebell, snapdragon, wallflower, fuchsia, periwinkle, spirea, honeysuckle, poppy, buttercup, clematis, rhododendron, sunflower, lavender, poinsettia, camellia, lotus, carnation, geranium, verbena, rose, daisy, morning glory, azalea, daffodil, hyacinth, trillium, lilac, amaryllis, strawflower, edelweiss, heather, snowberry, viburnum, dandelion, mayflower, rosemary, smilax, bloodroot, phlox, oleander, aster, Queen Anne's Lace, duckweed, water lily, wisteria, African Violet, tulip, yucca, dahlia.
plant (noun)
sweet sand verbena, Abronia Elliptica.
snowball (noun)
sweet sand verbena, Abronia Elliptica.


increase (verb)
boost, mount, develop, build, escalate, expand, multiply, soar, augment, wax, magnify, aggrandize, burgeon, enlarge, grow, extend, rise, run up, upsurge, proliferate, swell, amplify, build up.

Other synonyms:

upsurge, mushroom. enlarge, wax, burgeon, augment, magnify, amplify, expand, escalate. increase, aggrandize, proliferate, soar. grow, boost, mount, multiply. extend. rise. explode, build. add
run up.
Other relevant words:
curtain, Abronia Elliptica, upsurge, avalanche, rise, begin, enlarge, dew, multiply, wax, band, build up, extend, dewdrop, swell, amplify, boost, burgeon, deluge, originate, build, mount, sweet sand verbena, escalate, beef up, increase, downpour, soar, aggrandize, expand, proliferate, develop, arrive, arise, grow, cloudburst, mushroom, commence, start, explode, augment, magnify, blizzard.

Usage examples for snowball

  1. But the selfish old crow wanted it for himself, and instead threw down a snowball which hit the little rabbit on the tip of his tail. – Little Jack Rabbit and the Squirrel Brothers by David Cory
  2. They proceeded to snowball one another, and set their sledges in order; all through the winter there had been no toboggan- slide. – Pelle the Conqueror, Vol. 2 by Martin Anderson Nexo
  3. As a snowball grows larger with rolling, so it takes up more room. – The Zeppelin's Passenger by E. Phillips Oppenheim