Synonyms for Surge:


alternating current, arc light, swell, ac, arc, surf, wave, brownout, active, breaker. explosion, upswing, jump, rise, leap, growth, spurt, flood, roll. add to, go through the roof, go up, multiply, increase, escalate, step up, double, raise. flash, fit, outburst, spasm, twinge, impulse. hasten, gallop, speed, outpace, dart, be quick on your feet, fly, race. bolster, toughen, invigorate, sharpen, reinforce, intensify, strengthen, harden, stiffen. color, sweep over, grip, heighten, grow, engulf, run, come over, pulse. scramble, panic, a mad dash/rush, scurry, dash, a race against time, hustle, stampede. act (noun)
event (noun)
spate, upsurge, rush.
flood (noun)
rush, usually of liquid (noun)
flood, rise, upsurge, billow, growth, swell, wave, surf, breaker, roll.
surge (noun)
billow, rush, soar upwards, scend, heave, tide, spate, zoom, upsurge, soar up, soar.


motion (verb)
billow, heave.
rush, usually in liquid form (verb)
grow, heave.

Other synonyms:

flood, heighten, spurt, impulse, hasten, swell, sweep over, upswing, wave, rise, increase. hustle, growth, spasm, outburst, explosion, twinge, gallop, outpace. dart, engulf. pulse, race, come over. panic, stampede, leap. scramble, speed. dash, color, flash, fly, jump, fit. run. flood

Usage examples for surge

  1. A surge of anger blotted out the sunshine and darkened the whole world, and through the darkness one lightning flash shot through the girl's sick heart. – East of the Shadows by Mrs. Hubert Barclay
  2. He felt the strength come back in a surge that would not be denied. – Day of the Druid by Knut Enferd