Synonyms for Led:


taken (adjective)


blest, Bought, Bled, bound, babysat, breastfed, Begot, Besought, bent, Beheld. dial, face, hour hand, fob, crystal, hand, minute hand, movement, lcd. artifact (noun)
light-emitting diode.
led (noun)
light-emitting diode, guided, conducted.


controlled (verb)
dominated, Steered, supervised, executed, Oversaw, Bridled, Presided, Administered, Overseen, Managed, Superintended, governed, ordered, disciplined, Commanded, ruled, harnessed, controlled, Piloted.
directed (verb)
conducted, Lorded, mastered, Bossed.
influenced (verb)
authorized, Swayed, affected, empowered, Influenced, Predominated, biased, pressured, powered, motivated, prejudiced.
mastered (verb)

Other synonyms:

minute hand, hour hand. lcd. fob. dial, crystal. movement. hand. face. Other relevant words:
movement, crystal, Escorted, guided, light-emitting diode, face, lcd.

Usage examples for led

  1. You should have led it by a rope, and put it in the cow- stall. – Snowdrop and Other Tales by Jacob Grimm Wilhelm Grimm
  2. He let them in and led them to a room. – In His Steps by Charles M. Sheldon
  3. Colwyn stood at his door watching her until she disappeared into the passage which led to her own room. – The Shrieking Pit by Arthur J. Rees