Synonyms for Chain:


affiliate, necklace, leash, bracelet, agency, base, big business, the biz, shackle, connection, cable, acquisition, account, blue-chip. antiparticle, atomic mass, suite, run, alpha particle, cation, round, streak, atom, atomic weight, anion, atomic number, atomic. process, chain reaction, domino effect, rash, proceedings, pattern, avalanche. gold, treasure, jewel, novelty, trinket, jewelry, BLING, jewellery, bauble. rope, safety belt, rubber band, holder, cord. do up, tie up, wedge. crossbar, saddle, dynamo, pillion, handlebars, pedal, kickstand, mudguard, carrier. compound, leg irons, fetters, conjugal visit, hunger strike, lights-out. row, formation, semicircle, scale, ring, parade, circle. file, column, phalanx, flow, crocodile, cordon, caravan. chain (noun)
chemical chain, range, mountain range, iron, concatenation, Ernst Boris Chain, Sir Ernst Boris chain, string, range of mountains, mountain chain, irons, chains, chain of mountains, strand.
connected metal links; jewelry made of such links (noun)
bracelet, coupling, bond, cable, manacle, shackle, iron, trammel, fetter, link, connection.
cord (noun)
leash, cable.
fastener (noun)
link, binding, brad, cincture, coupling, clamp, connector, button, belt, cinch, snap, strap, clinch, guy, nail, knitting, ligament, glue, binder, closure, middleman, bolt, buckle, braid, zipper, lock, grapnel, fastener, pin, hawser, hitch, fastening, bracket, hook, band, stitch, medium, cleat, mediator, vise, skewer, cotter, seal, clip, rabbet, brace, fuse, hinge, weld, Vinculum, catch, tack, mucilage, hasp, thread, twine, cement, anchor, go-between, suture, bond, staple, spike, knot, lace, paste, stay, bonding, string, rivet, latch, agent, splice, clasp, tie.
fastening (noun)
gems (noun)
group (noun)
jewelry (noun)
gold, trinket, necklace.
market (noun)
establishment, market place, exchange, grocery, mart, market, depot, fair, stock exchange, stall, office, shop, supermarket, emporium, convenience store, warehouse, department store, bazaar, bureau, counter, store.
mountain range (noun)
mountain chain.
person (noun)
Sir Ernst Boris chain, Ernst Boris Chain.
restraint (noun)
sequence (noun)
consequence, concatenation, subsequence, linkage, legacy, sequel, lineage, progression, procession, gamut, arrangement, series, Consecution, line, Consecutiveness, course, train, succession.
succession, series (noun)
order, Consecution, string, progression, train, sequence, row, concatenation.


fasten (verb)
bind, sew, baste, connect, knit, zip, lash, tether, plait, weave, couple, fasten.
manacle in metal (verb)
handcuff, tie up, tether, connect, bind.
ornament (verb)
sequence (verb)
arrange, rank, align, array, order, succeed, progress, sequence, queue, sort, concatenate, follow.

Other synonyms:

atomic, balloon mortgage, cation, atomic number, pillion, anion, kickstand, hog-tie, handcuff, alpha particle, atomic mass, conjugal visit, building society, BLING, bridge loan, atom, handlebars, fetter, atomic weight, blockbusting, Gyve, rubber band, trinket, hunger strike, cordon, jewellery, leg irons, closing, antiparticle. crossbar, rope, mudguard, holder, hamper, hamstring, semicircle, fetters, safety belt, manacle, jewel, bauble, appraisal, shackle. cord, wedge, saddle, crocodile, trammel, novelty, dynamo, appraise. formation, row, hobble. treasure, do up. column, tie up, streak. circle, restraint, carrier, flow. compound. file. scale, parade. ring. Sir Ernst Boris Chain
Sir Ernst Boris chain.

Usage examples for chain

  1. " Bless my watch chain – Tom Swift and his Air Glider or, Seeking the Platinum Treasure by Victor Appleton
  2. I put up my right hand and felt for the chain – The Brother of Daphne by Dornford Yates
  3. See that the chain is on the door, Billy. – The Bat by Avery Hopwood Mary Roberts Rinehart