Synonyms for Ignite:


inspire, touch, invoke, affect, provoke, have. go up, torch, hot, catch, start, fire. liven up, bring something to life, embroider, sparkle, vary, spice up, perk up, enliven. strain, play both ends (against the middle), divide, come between, drive a wedge between, set against, tear apart, open up. ignite (noun)
light, take fire, catch fire, erupt, inflame, wake, heat, stir up, fire up.
kindle (noun)
start up, strike a light, touch a match to, burst into flames, touch off.


change (verb)
fire, light.
ignite (verb)
inflame, kindle, burn, light.
set on fire (verb)
start up, take fire, light, fire, burn, burst into flames, touch off, catch fire, inflame, kindle.
weather (verb)

Other synonyms:

enliven, provoke. torch, set against, vary, inspire, come between, invoke. fire, affect, sparkle. tear apart. open up, go up, touch. have. divide. strain. catch. combust
catch fire.
strike a light.
Other relevant words:
burn, erupt, stir up, fire up, wake, provoke, torch, catch fire, strike a light, embroider, have, burst into flames, take fire, hot, touch off, inspire, heat, start, vary, divide, strain, enliven, fire, invoke, affect, touch, catch, sparkle.

Usage examples for ignite

  1. " Some fuel will not ignite said Dawn, casting a mischievous glance at Florence. – Dawn by Mrs. Harriet A. Adams