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ornament (noun)

filling, decoration, adornment, frill, badge, garnish, flourish, tinsel, foofaraw, gewgaw, trim, trimming, emblazonment, gaudiness, enrichment, gingerbread, button, embroidery, finery, ornament.

badge (noun)

orb, scepter, staff, badge, tiara, seal, regalia, crown, mortarboard, insignia, signet, tartan, talisman, coronet, pin, ring, mantle, baton, ermine, pall, wand, uniform.

indication (noun)

semaphore, signal, badge, cue, symbol, token, guidepost, motion, wave, alert, label, stamp, flag, wink, legend, gesture, signpost, crest, lighthouse, logotype, notation, prompt, designation, indication, denotation, ticket, logo, brand, pointer, icon, figuration, gesticulation, hint, banner, beacon, tag, sign, insignia, key, marker.

Other synonyms:

representation, standard, parable, image, totem, sign, design, monogram, symbol, allegory, impress, impresa, coat of arms, token, keepsake, colors, substitute, figure, mark, memento, motto, reminder, arms, ensign, type, symbolism, medal, attribute, pennant, effigy, character, colophon, device, fable, apologue, trademark, souvenir, hallmark, identification, miniature.

Examples of usage:

The Bible is an emblem of Odd- Fellowship, because it is the Odd- Fellows' text- book. - "The Jericho Road", W. Bion Adkins.

Long may its green branch wave; In native strength sublime and free, Meet emblem for the brave. - "Roughing it in the Bush", Susanna Moodie.

Every architectural element, every most fantastic emblem it embodied, was associated, for them, with some cherished feature of their religion. - "The Great Events by Famous Historians, Vol. 17", Charles Francis Horne.

Similar words:

Emblems, embalm, embed, ember.

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