Synonyms for Illustration:


binding, artwork, back, addendum, afterword, body, sample, appendix, blurb, acknowledgments, book. etching, engraving, sign, design, frontispiece, pointer, suggestion, the color of someone's money, figure, vignette, smoking gun, mark. exegesis, brass rubbing, elucidation, arts and crafts, art, enucleation, interpretation, ceramics, explication, clarification, explanation, collage, batik, coloring, illumination, explain, belles lettres, art form, decipherment, construction, exposition. substitute. case (noun)
demonstration (noun)
presentation, expose, show, display.
demonstration, exemplification (noun)
explanation, elucidation, example, analogy, specimen, interpretation, representative, clarification, instance, sample, model.
drawing (noun)
doodle, landscape, plan, painting, sketch, still life, masterpiece, tracing, portrait, blueprint, pastel, diagram, scene, Water color, study, charcoal.
drawing, artwork that assists explanation (noun)
image, design, depiction, photograph, cartoon, picture, vignette, etching, snapshot, figure, engraving, painting, frontispiece, sketch.
illustration (noun)
instance, exemplification, representative, example.
model (noun)
representation (noun)
metaphor, portrayal, effigy, depiction, likeness, outline, cartoon, drawing, statue, snapshot, miniature, duplication, copy, image, photograph, cast, representation, analogy, model, impression, pastiche, rendering, picture, carving, bust, approximation, imitation, replica, figurine, silhouette, idol, facsimile.

Other synonyms:

suggestion, enucleation, smoking gun, decipherment. explanation, explication, engraving, clarification, elucidation, art, pointer, sample. construction, exegesis, interpretation, illumination, sign, figure. exposition. mark. illustration
Other relevant words:
acknowledgments, afterword, collage, batik, binding, body, mark, exegesis, ceramics, figure, sign, exposition, interpretation, explain, explication, representative, blurb, art, engraving, elucidation, explanation, decipherment, sample, frontispiece, book, instance, construction, clarification, back, suggestion, demonstration, enucleation, illumination, design, etching, appendix, substitute, pointer, vignette, addendum, example, coloring, artwork.

Usage examples for illustration

  1. That it has feeling needs scarcely an illustration – The Good Time Coming by T. S. Arthur
  2. You have had a mild illustration of the working of the law in the case of Mr. Bruce. – Counsel for the Defense by Leroy Scott
  3. In the light of this shrewd illustration why is it hard to get good men to run for political office, even to- day? – Hebrew Life and Times by Harold B. Hunting