Synonyms for Type:


representative (adjective)
archetype, model, representation, sample, prototype.


characterize. capitalise, description, dotted line, format, nature, manner, lot, full page, galley, bold, copperplate, capitalize. incarnation, cross-section, prosopopeia, materialization, externalization, grouping, exteriorization, substitute, substantiation, embodiment, personalization, personification, manifestation, objectification. Jekyll And Hyde, original, mixture, product, individual, dog. standard. archetype, model, representation, sample, prototype. letter. category (noun)
phylum, ilk, make, strain, level, degree, kingdom, line, clan, step, race, stock, persuasion, style, stripe, series, denomination, caste, taxonomy, breed, species, genus, variety, people, kind, classification, grain, Family, designation, mold, feather, category, genotype.
character (noun)
class, kind (noun)
description, stamp, group, sort, form, mold, breed, brand, variety, feather, classification, nature, species, strain, standard, ilk, lot, sample, order, character, category, persuasion, cast.
classification (noun)
ethnic group (noun)
example, model (noun)
original, prototype, archetype, personification.
kind (noun)
letter (noun)
printed characters (noun)
type (noun)
case, character, typecast, typewrite, eccentric.
typing (noun)
touch-type, typist, typing pool, type up, type out, typing, typewritten, dictation, dictate.


categorize (verb)
assort, brand, label, stamp, designate.
classify (verb)
arrange, categorize, pigeonhole, typecast, class.
cognition (verb)
communication (verb)
hit keys on machine to print document (verb)
touch-type, typewrite.
order (verb)
frame, support, categorize, fix, classify, rank, collate, settle, harmonize, rate, unsnarl, class, stratify, organize, form, maintain, place, screen, devise, pigeonhole, schematize, group, grade, unify, order, prepare, score, compose, establish, scheme, chart, marshal, adjust, schedule, Methodize, shape, stabilize, array, plot, balance, rationalize, regulate, mediate, systematize, design, separate, plan, program, integrate, normalize, set, right, subordinate, cast, sift, control, orchestrate, sort, structure, arrange.

Other synonyms:

grouping, personalization, prosopopeia, exteriorization, objectification, Jekyll And Hyde, externalization. embodiment, personification, description, incarnation. cross-section, manifestation, mixture, substantiation, materialization. individual, original. product. lot, dog, manner. categorize
typewritten, dictate, typing pool, dictation, type out, typist, type up, typing.
Other relevant words:
exteriorization, format, sample, personalization, dictation, characterize, model, archetype, manifestation, dog, personification, incarnation, typewrite, externalization, typist, prototype, representation, eccentric, grouping, character, original, substantiation, objectification, embodiment, individual, touch-type, nature, dictate, typecast, product, materialization, manner, letter, description, case, lot, prosopopeia, standard.

Usage examples for type

  1. The customs of these Beldars are of the ordinary low- caste type – The Tribes and Castes of the Central Provinces of India Volume II by R. V. Russell
  2. It has a noble tone, is of a noble type – Chopin: The Man and His Music by James Huneker
  3. That is one of them, and a very interesting type it is, too. – Louisiana by Frances Hodgson Burnett