Synonyms for Case:


datum, word, data, information, A to Z, findings, sample, news, report, detail. blackmail, extort, abet, trial, defraud, claim, bootleg, proceeding, counterfeit, commission, abduct, commit. argument, evidence, carryall, petition, Attache Case, cabin baggage, baggage, backpack, accompanied baggage, briefcase, carpetbag, bum bag, proof. accusative, collocate, clause, position, adjunct, cleft sentence, allophone, allomorph, state, antecedent, article, status, situation. chassis, safe, jacket, chamber, class action, grip, compact, committal, appeal, court, court-martial, cover, dissent, wrapper. bother, state of affairs, background, context, conditions, trouble, problem, crank, environment, climate. epidemic, substitute, disease, contagion, ailment, condition, specimen, illness, infection, disorder, sickness. anorexic, agoraphobe, amnesiac, consumptive, the critical list, bed-blocker, law, depressive, diabetic, asthmatic. stereotype, archetype, the personification of something, point, template, prototype. defense, deposition, appearance, go over, examine, continuance, closing argument, examination, inspect, traverse, exhibit, peruse, give a going-over, view, survey, scrutinize, habeas corpus, investigate. offense, misdeed, illegality, law-breaking, attempt, criminality, crime. dummy, plate glass, mannequin, listening post, cash register, awning, cart, floor model. mold, catch-all, envelope. matchbook, blister pack, Bottled, boxed, matchbox, bubble wrap. action (noun)
bag (noun)
case (noun)
casket, caseful, coffer, file, folio, cedar chest, shell, capsule, carton, subject, scabbard, causa, showcase, socket, sheath, type, hutch, eccentric, guinea pig, slip, suit, portfolio, instance, quiver, display case, character, pillow slip, casing, grammatical case, cause, rack, event, crib, example, pillowcase, encase, lawsuit, holster, canister.
circumstance (noun)
circumstance, conditions (noun)
predicament, status, plight, event, context, crisis, state, problem, quandary, position, situation.
circumstances (noun)
condition (noun)
state of affairs, predicament.
container (noun)
chest, cup, drum, ladle, decanter, stomach, reservoir, jug, basket, container, tank, bowl, sack, holder, cupboard, can, repository, vat, bin, bag, crate, pouch, barrel, wallet, locker, cask, suitcase, flask, trunk, jar, bladder, bottle, belly, cabinet, closet, box, shelf, bucket, storage, vault, drawer, pocket, purse, tray, receptacle.
container; items in container (noun)
cabinet, casket, crib, shell, carton, basket, tray, coffer, grip, chamber, casing, receptacle, safe, jacket, sheath, wallet, scabbard, holder, box, wrapper, canister, capsule, cover, suitcase, trunk, compact, bag, bin, baggage, chest, envelope, chassis, drawer, crate.
covering (noun)
sheath, jacket.
crime (noun)
illegality, criminality.
difficulty (noun)
plight, quandary, crisis, problem, predicament.
event (noun)
instance, example.
evidence (noun)
example (noun)
sample, specimen, instance.
lawsuit (noun)
allegation, implication, grievance, prosecution, hearing, citation, count, indictment, summons, lawsuit, complaint, arraignment, impeachment, suit, subpoena, writ, litigation, action, affidavit, charge, accusation.
legal action (noun)
legal proceeding (noun)
matter brought before a court (noun)
lawsuit, trial, claim, cause, action, argument, suit, litigation, petition, evidence, proof.
nag (noun)
bug, censure, meddle, bother.
receptacle (noun)
shell (noun)
husk, Lorication, crust, casing, armor, carapace, shell, plate, sheath, hull, sheathing.
state (noun)


check something in detail (verb)
inspect, scrutinize, view, examine.

Other synonyms:

antecedent, allomorph, matchbook, asthmatic, bubble wrap, Bottled, extort, plate glass, collocate, blister pack, the critical list, cover, floor model, habeas corpus, committal, deposition, adjunct, clause, crime, amnesiac, diabetic, closing argument, bootleg, consumptive, commit, continuance, cash register, court-martial, abduct, examine, class action, cleft sentence, mannequin, boxed, archetype, misdeed, agoraphobe, cart, appeal, bed-blocker, matchbox, anorexic, commission, blackmail, accusative, article. depressive, state, argument, scrutinize, trial, attempt, illegality, wrapper, specimen, template, exhibit, allophone, court, examination, dissent, criminality, sample, chamber, awning. dummy, stereotype, defense, inspect, listening post, catch-all, peruse, mold, offense, evidence. trouble, jacket. point, traverse, appearance. demand
Other relevant words:
caseful, cause, accusative, detail, condition, article, slip, character, event, point, cover, instance, subject, situation, pillowcase, pillow slip, encase, example.

Usage examples for case

  1. In their case they took it by mistake. – Amusement Only by Richard Marsh
  2. " No, I don't really think it would in this case Polly. – Five Little Peppers at School by Margaret Sidney
  3. " And I fear that my case is just such a one," I said. – Who Goes There? by Blackwood Ketcham Benson