Synonyms for Mix:


back, atmospherics, blast, instill, synthesize, whip, articulation, stir, beat out, knead, agitate, admix, beat, infiltrate, throw together, process, cross, tincture, marry, suffuse, intertwine, saturate, baton, adulterate, blast away, interweave, weave, transfuse, accompany, whisk, arrange, join, bang out. allegro, arrangement, adagio, concerto, air, tangle, bass, andante, chorus, confuse, chant, cantata, mix up. combo, fraternize, associate, get along. dissolve, stir in. eclecticism, integration, cohesion, socialize. pal around, see, go around, hang around with, circulate, associate with, know. bicarbonate of soda, baking powder, egg white, batter, gelatin, cream of tartar, glaze, BICARB, oil. hang together, go with, harmonize, piece together, consolidate, match-up. collection (noun)
coalition, assortment, collection, union, partnership, assemblage, salad, federation, set, complement, body, college, bloc, league, council, omnium-gatherum, society, corps, formation.
combination (noun)
blend, admixture, amalgamation, compound, conglomeration, brew, paste, commixture, composite, ensemble, amalgam, incorporation, combination, composition, hodgepodge, fusion, conglomerate, infusion, alloy, medley, mixture, assembly, concoction.
event (noun)
food (noun)
miscellany (noun)
mix (noun)
fuse, mixing, immix, combine, commixture, unify, mixture, blend, admixture, coalesce, desegregate, conflate, amalgamate, ruffle, intermixture, shuffle, mingle, commix, commingle, integrate, merge, premix, mix in, flux, meld.
mixture (noun)
elixir, intermixture, mash, decoction, mongrel, stew, amalgamate, meld, hybrid, potpourri, emulsion, blending, merger, Interfusion.


collect (verb)
band, collate, collect, assemble, group, compose, aggregate, bunch.
combine (verb)
combine, incorporate, concoct, infuse, fuse.
combine, join (verb)
adulterate, mix up, stir, amalgamate, alloy, weave, infiltrate, cross, commingle, knead, synthesize, blend, compound, incorporate, infuse, merge, coalesce, instill, fuse, saturate, associate, suffuse, tangle, admix, mingle, interweave, transfuse, commix.
mix (verb)
intermix, merge, decoct, mingle.
socialize (verb)
get along, join.
work (verb)

Other synonyms:

bicarbonate of soda, join, stir in, admix, BICARB, combo, baking powder, hang around with, cream of tartar, egg white, mix up, gelatin. consolidate, glaze, integration, cohesion, associate with, stir, batter, dissolve. get along, socialize, circulate. cross. know, oil, beat, go around. see. coalesce
pal around.

Usage examples for mix

  1. " I, for my part shall mix another glass, and leave it all to Jacques. – The Splendid Spur by Arthur T. Quiller Couch
  2. " Yes," he replied; " I'll bet you can't find any card you may mention, after I mix 'em up." – Forty Years a Gambler on the Mississippi by George H. Devol