Synonyms for Breed:


big game, arachnid, beast, biped, bear, beast of burden, amphibian, adult, arthropod, animal. increase, proliferate, reproduction, agrochemical, agronomy, agribusiness, the CAP, agricultural, agroindustry, agriculture, agrarian, Agronomics. kin, offset, spoil, cost, harm, taint, damage, loose on, cancel out, overshadow, neutralize. fertilise, fertilize, parent, conceive, create, produce, conception, assisted reproduction, artificial insemination, originate, fertilization. couple, grow, estrus, raise, asexual reproduction, fertile, care for, breeding, breeder, fecund, cultivate, breeding ground, courtship. inaugurate, trigger, manner, set off, bring about, start-off, group, catalyze, cast, nature, lot, description, invent. grouping, cross-section. breed (noun)
multiply, strain, spawn, stock, half-breed, variety, engender, cover.
category (noun)
kingdom, level, brand, variety, set, feather, ilk, sort, Family, label, classification, rank, mold, line, strain, series, order, form, class, caste, category, clan, type, people, step, designation, genus, species, phylum, make, genotype, stripe, style, grade, taxonomy, kind, grain, stamp, persuasion, denomination, degree.
character (noun)
ethnic group (noun)
group (noun)
strain, stock.
kind, class (noun)
pedigree, stripe, type, sort, race, line, lot, species, stock, variety, stamp, feather, brand, nature, lineage, Family, strain, ilk, genus.
line (noun)
parentage (noun)
lineage, descent, genealogy, race, ancestry, pedigree, stock.


contact (verb)
creation (verb)
spawn, engender.
generate, bring into being (verb)
engender, multiply, procreate, beget, create, produce, bring about, propagate, bear, originate, make.
manage animals (verb)
herd, ranch, train, domesticate, groom, wrangle, farm, hostle, break, tame, housebreak.
procreate (verb)
generate, beget, engender, propagate, procreate.
raise, nurture (verb)

Other synonyms:

asexual reproduction, agronomy, agrarian, breeder, artificial insemination, agriculture, agricultural, Agronomics, the CAP, breeding, fertilization, assisted reproduction, agroindustry, estrus, agribusiness, fecund. couple, fertilize, proliferate, fertile, breeding ground, conceive. courtship, create, grow, conception. originate, increase. description, parent, cultivate. raise, produce. manner, nature, lot. give birth
set off.
care for.
Other relevant words:
cast, multiply, fertilize, fertile, grow, couple, breeding, originate, spawn, description, agroindustry, cultivate, Agronomics, create, bear, lot, raise, produce, manner, nature, kin, fecund, agronomy, invent, conceive, proliferate, group, increase, care for, parent, half-breed, fertilization, courtship, cover, inaugurate, bring about.

Usage examples for breed

  1. I'd have a nice little farm in the country, and I'd grow roses, and breed sheep and pigs, and-" " And lose all your brass in a couple of years!" – The Rayner-Slade Amalgamation by J. S. Fletcher
  2. " You are another of the breed I can see it in your face. – Jeanne of the Marshes by E. Phillips Oppenheim
  3. There's only the half- breed here, and she'll need a white woman with her to- night, poor soul. – The Mistress of Bonaventure by Harold Bindloss