Synonyms for Pointer:


gauge, basset, hand, indicator, alsatian, index, mark, rod, needle, dial, director. evidence, demonstration, smoking gun, the color of someone's money, proof, tip off, steer, illustration, knowledge. cathode, coil, circuit breaker, circuitry, anode, contact, circuit, diaphragm, conduit, circuit board. length, strap, spring, stick, filament, strip, line, thread, string, pole. advice (noun)
caveat, advice, reassurance, tip, instruction, briefing, clue, caution, prompt, guidance, intelligence, input, news, information, hint, suggestion, message, direction, warning, counsel, advocacy, encouragement, monition, recommendation, cue.
animal (noun)
Spanish Pointer.
dog (noun)
dalmatian, dachshund, Irish Wolfhound, foxhound, husky, English Setter, French poodle, terrier, beagle, schnauzer, bloodhound, basset hound, scotch terrier, boxer, wolfhound, collie, borzoi, hound, pug, samoyed, setter, whippet, griffon, pomeranian, Siberian wolfhound, Doberman Pinscher, Aberdeen terrier, chihuahua, bulldog, pekinese, Labrador Retriever, golden retriever, dingo, afghan, boarhound, retriever, poodle, toy poodle, sheep dog, airedale, spitz, dog, Irish Setter, cairn terrier, spaniel, welsh terrier, chow, Yorkshire Terrier, bull terrier, German Shepherd, Great Dane, cocker spaniel, greyhound, mastiff.
hint, suggestion (noun)
caution, recommendation, warning, advice, steer, information, clue, tip.
indication (noun)
designation, emblem, sign, wave, lighthouse, logo, icon, banner, indication, denotation, gesticulation, legend, signpost, tag, stamp, marker, key, badge, insignia, crest, notation, motion, logotype, symbol, guidepost, signal, beacon, token, brand, alert, flag, gesture, semaphore, wink, figuration, ticket, label.
indicator (noun)
dial, mark, hand, index, arrow, rod, director, signal, needle, gauge.
pointer (noun)
arrow, cursor, Spanish Pointer.
tip-off (noun)
tip off.

Other synonyms:

index, smoking gun, tip off. illustration, evidence. needle, demonstration. proof. steer, mark. notice
Other relevant words:
dial, proof, director, hand, indicator, evidence, counsel, index, gauge, steer, cursor, reassurance, needle, rod, mark, illustration, stick, arrow, Spanish Pointer.

Usage examples for pointer

  1. The link is obviously set true when the dotted circle on its end face runs true, the pointer merely serving to test the dotted circle. – Modern Machine-Shop Practice, Volumes I and II by Joshua Rose