Synonyms for Metaphor:


americanism, archaism, clue, anglicism, borrowing, catch-all, anagram, chant, Arabism, acrostic. bathos, device, Deus Ex Machina, dialogue, anthropomorphic, dialog, establish, characterization, dramatic irony. replacement, standby, alternate, successor, surrogate, stand in, substitute. comparison (noun)
allegory, simile, analogy, parallel, similarity, comparison.
figure of speech (noun)
allusion, oxymoron, sarcasm, onomatopoeia, irony, figuration, contrast, parallelism, imagery, ornament, alliteration.
figure of speech, implied comparison (noun)
image, analogy, allegory.
phrase (noun)
clause, locution, cliche, mannerism, proverb, figure of speech, catchphrase, idiom, epigram, slogan, motto, terminology, Verbalism, phrase, maxim, paragraph, sentence, euphemism, expression, phraseology, adage.
representation (noun)
representation, effigy, copy, cast, rendering, imitation, replica, outline, facsimile, statue, cartoon, snapshot, impression, illustration, depiction, picture, approximation, bust, silhouette, figurine, pastiche, idol, drawing, likeness, portrayal, photograph, duplication, image, miniature, carving, model.
trope (noun)
implied comparison.

Other synonyms:

surrogate, successor, replacement. stand in, standby. substitute. alternate. Other relevant words:
americanism, surrogate, anthropomorphic, anagram, Arabism, dialog, device, dialogue, successor, establish, substitute, characterization, replacement, alternate, acrostic, chant, clue, catch-all, archaism, anglicism, standby, borrowing, bathos.