Synonyms for Cross:


all (adjective)
transverse, thwartwise, transversal.
bad-tempered (adjective)
discontent (adjective)
displeased, discontent, ticked off, restless, disquieted, irritated, wretched, frustrated, anguished, unhappy, disgruntled, exasperated, fed up, disapproving, dissatisfied, irreconcilable, non-satisfied, uneasy, bored, anxious, miserable, sour, joyless, gloomy, discomposed, cheerless, teed off, dissident, malcontent, uncomfortable, ungratified, despondent.
ill-tempered (adjective)
irritable (adjective)
cranky, crusty, bitter, surly, acid, prickly, touchy, caustic, crabbed, bearish, snappish, bellicose, petty, ill-tempered, irascible, huffy, peevish, cantankerous, spiteful, churlish, irritable, acrimonious, fretful, tart, crabby, petulant, acerbic, sour.
sullen (adjective)
glowering, melancholy, malevolent, hostile, obstinate, moody, mean, dark, grim, Moping, uncooperative, grouchy, sour, noncooperative, crabby, unsociable, glum, broody, cynical, sullen, unfriendly, grumpy, scowling, dejected, beetle-browed, cantankerous, dour, long-faced, sulky, irascible, ungenial, fretful, morose, petulant, dissociable, frowning, gloomy, surly, contrary.
very angry; in a bad mood (adjective)
cranky, crusty, jumpy, irritable, touchy, cantankerous, ill-tempered, crabby, surly, grumpy, churlish, fretful, sullen, grouchy, irascible, peevish, petulant.


combo, concoction, amalgam, combination, jumble, mixture, compound. arachnid, bear, beast, animal, beast of burden, biped, big game, amphibian, go over, overpass, adult, pass, arthropod. chalice, Easter Egg, biretta, altar, blend, cassock, dog collar, mix, mingle, crucifix, collection plate, collar. strike at, dribble, hook, move, shoot, knock, smash, play, kick. arm-wrestling, bantamweight, bout, boxing, decussate, boxer, bare-knuckle, count out, box. caret, asterisk, annul, hash mark, expunge, cancel, hieroglyphics, rub, checkmark, strike, vacate, undo, erase, obliterate, efface, delete, arrow, blot, dollar sign. boo-boo, birdie, cold, burden, affliction, trial, bunny, bow-wow, over, bang, big, choo-choo, tribulation, heavy. cut, bulldoze, fight your way, squeeze, push. creationism, eden, canon law, cardinal sin, commandment, the crucifixion, the Fall, canonical, the Creation, the Cross. chromosome, clone, carrier, carry, cloning, cross-fertilize, cross-fertilization, deoxyribonucleic acid. crossroads, grade crossing, circus, cone, green light, jaywalking, filter. gleam, clear, crease, express, flash, crumple, furrow, falter, creep. declare against, tear up, stand against, reject, go against, have/have got against. combination (noun)
cross (noun)
thwartwise, transverse, crisscross, crabby, thwart, baffle, interbreeding, spoil, crosswise, ill-natured, hybridize, transversal, get across, crossbreed, fussy, scotch, hybridizing, traverse, crabbed, grumpy, cover, track, bad-tempered, foil, cut through, grouchy, frustrate, ill-tempered, span, crown of thorns, crossbreeding, cut across, hybridise, mark, bilk, interbreed, get over, pass over, crossing, hybridisation, hybridization, sweep.
crossbred (noun)
alloyed, mixed.
ill-tempered (noun)
jumpy, angry, critical.


betray, hinder (verb)
deny, stymie, interfere, thwart, obstruct, resist, frustrate, stump, impede, oppose, foil.
defy (verb)
contravene, counteract, countermand, confront, dare, dissent, defy, challenge, face, rebel, affront, resist, counter.
hybridize, mix (verb)
cross-fertilize, blend, mingle, interbreed, crossbreed.
motion (verb)
cut through, get across, cover, cut across, traverse, pass over, get over, track.
oppose (verb)
fight, protest, repel, conflict, counterattack, object, dispute, meddle, interfere, rebuff, oppress, disagree, oppose, intercept, repulse, repress, impede, contradict, check, obstruct, hinder, antagonize, suppress, inhibit.
renounce (verb)
abandon, renounce, betray, retract, defect, desert, abnegate, disavow, backslide, deny, abdicate.
traverse an area (verb)
pass over, overpass, span, meet, cut across, transverse.

Other synonyms:

cassock, choo-choo, bout, mix, asterisk, Easter Egg, bare-knuckle, boxing, caret, biretta, grade crossing, boo-boo, dog collar, arm-wrestling, collection plate, chromosome, decussate, bow-wow, hash mark, bunny, cross-fertilize, bantamweight, checkmark, cloning, jaywalking, dollar sign, altar, green light. bulldoze, cross-fertilization, crossroads, crumple, hieroglyphics, collar, count out, boxer, stymie, checkmate, tribulation, arrow, birdie, dribble, balk, shoot, backhand, knock. creep, erase, annul, cancel, undo, smash, falter, stump. chip, clone, cone, burden, delivery, gleam, dive, big, kick, obliterate, ball, vacate, circus. cut, crease, defeat, corner, cold, furrow. box, carrier. trial, hook, play. blast. pass, squeeze. filter, bang, strike, express. catch. push. flash. carry. clear. bad-tempered
go against.
interbreed, hybridize, interbreeding, hybridizing.
Other relevant words:
crisscross, bilk, crossbreed, crossing, checkmate, bad-tempered, traverse, ill-tempered, defeat, go against, hybridize, foil, burden, thwart, balk, frustrate, crosswise, mark, interbreed, crucifix, pass over, baffle.

Usage examples for cross

  1. You're tired or cross to- night- I don't know. – The Wooden Horse by Hugh Walpole
  2. You see the big brother was very cross – Among the Meadow People by Clara Dillingham Pierson