Synonyms for Choleric:


angry (adjective)
irritable (adjective)
study at irritable, quick-tempered, peevish, irascible, irritable.
sensitive (adjective)
testy (adjective)


temperamental, sensitive, moody, bad-tempered, fractious. touchy, tetchy, testy, feelings, peppery. indignant, sore, mad. choleric (noun)
hotheaded, short-tempered, ill-natured, passionate, short, irascible, angry, hot-tempered, quick-tempered.

Other synonyms:

tetchy. indignant, touchy, testy. mad, sore, peppery. Other relevant words:
indignant, sore, mad, tetchy, testy, feelings, temperamental, moody, bad-tempered, sensitive, peevish, peppery, touchy, irritable, fractious.

Usage examples for choleric

  1. There was a hint of the choleric in his glance. – The Wrong Twin by Harry Leon Wilson
  2. He was of quick apprehension, sharp understanding, very crafty withal; of a discerning spirit, but a choleric nature, increased by the office he held of Chamberlain to the King. – The-Love-Letters-of-Dorothy-Osborne-to-Sir-William-Temple-1652-54 by Osborne, Dorothy