Synonyms for Exalt:


magnify, pat someone on the back, ennoble, congratulate, sing someone's/something's praises, pay someone a compliment. apotheosize, demote, catapult, divest, aggrandizement, downgrade, advancement, elevation, bump up, aggrandize. honor, distinguish, signalize. hail, celebrate, Panegyrize. religion. elate, flush, buoy, inspirit, happy. exalt (noun)
extol, enliven, inebriate, inspire, proclaim, animate, thrill, laud, invigorate, beatify, glorify, exhilarate.


communication (verb)
glorify, proclaim, laud, extol.
elevate (verb)
hoist, escalate, lift, raise, uplift, elevate, upraise, rise, rear, erect, levitate, heighten.
praise (verb)
applaud, sanction, dignify, acclaim, eulogize, approve, commend, recommend, compliment, admire, extol, praise, flatter, endorse, glorify.
promote, praise (verb)
distinguish, acclaim, raise, honor, dignify, apotheosize, erect, aggrandize, applaud, ennoble, glorify, idolize, eulogize, commend, worship, laud, magnify, revere, extol.
worship (verb)
devote, respect, pray, revere, deify, venerate, adore, worship, idolize, cherish.

Other synonyms:

demote, divest, apotheosize, aggrandizement, Panegyrize, downgrade. bump up, catapult, advancement, elevation, elate. inspirit, buoy, signalize. aggrandize, magnify. distinguish, celebrate, flush. distinguish
Other relevant words:
enliven, ennoble, happy, distinguish, religion, buoy, elevate, advancement, signalize, hail, beatify, inebriate, aggrandizement, demote, thrill, proclaim, laud, catapult, inspire, celebrate, elate, invigorate, Panegyrize, magnify, flush, aggrandize, apotheosize, honor, downgrade, exhilarate, inspirit, congratulate, elevation, divest, animate.

Usage examples for exalt

  1. No one could excite the mind and exalt the imagination as he did. – The Adventure of Living by John St. Loe Strachey
  2. Nevertheless, I promise you that, whenever the monks shall accomplish a memorable and glorious deed, I will be at greater pains to exalt it than I have been in relating the present truthful history." – The Tales Of The Heptameron, Vol. IV. (of V.) by Margaret, Queen Of Navarre