Synonyms for Crucial:


all (adjective)
critical (adjective)
central, climactic, climacteric, severe, imperative, high-priority, urgent, crying, basic, all-important, pressing, fateful, fundamental, compelling, acute, study at acuteacute, vital.
critical, important (adjective)
compelling, vital, deciding, pressing, central, climacteric, momentous, dire, acute, high-priority, imperative, desperate, urgent, pivotal, decisive.
determinative (adjective)
important (adjective)
distinguished, eminent, critical, world-shaking, notable, big-wig, momentous, salient, high-powered, pivotal, serious, considerable, influential, vital, meaningful, grave, central, important, big-name, earthshaking, prominent, major, noteworthy, consequential, heavyweight.
life-and-death (adjective)


exceptional, incredible, fine, tremendous, decent, wonder, excellent, superb, wonderful, good. climacteric, safety, dire, desperate, acute. conclusive, decide. crucial (noun)
decisive, important, of import, deciding, critical, determinative, polar, relevant, pivotal, life-and-death, all-important, life-or-death, of the essence, determining, determinant, material.

Other synonyms:

fundamental, urgent. conclusive, crying. desperate. dire. crucial
Other relevant words:
polar, relevant, urgent, safety, tremendous, fine, fateful, basic, pressing, excellent, incredible, exceptional, climactic, decide, material, of import, wonderful, dire, desperate, deciding, climacteric, compelling, of the essence, high-priority, all-important, life-or-death, determinant, meaningful, fundamental, imperative, determinative, decent, decisive, crying, life-and-death, determining, central, vital, major, good, acute, wonder, superb, severe, conclusive.

Usage examples for crucial

  1. Yet much of this is the land which during the crucial years of the war was the grain- producing section of the United States. – Land of the Burnt Thigh by Edith Eudora Kohl
  2. The object of experimentation is the construction, by regular steps taken on the basis of a plan thought out in advance, of a typical, crucial case, a case formed with express reference to throwing light on the difficulty in question. – How We Think by John Dewey
  3. Her eyes had gone blind for an instant; it had seemed for one sharp, crucial moment as though she could not bear it; then the gulf of agitation was passed, and she had herself in hand. – The Weavers, Complete by Gilbert Parker Last Updated: March 14, 2009