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noodle - 109 results
Other synonyms:

loggerhead, jackass, ignoramus, meathead, birdbrain, prat, rigatoni, moron, natural, noddle, cluck, mutt, donkey, dork, stock, conk, mome, thickhead, ratbag, covered stadium, noddy, pate, dome, dummy, nit, clodpoll, numskull, mug, fathead, nincompoop, noggin, simpleton, head, turkey, dip, fettuccine, loft, nitwit, edible bean, saphead, poll, chowderhead, know-nothing, chucklehead, oaf, hardhead, mazard, schnook, schlub, half-wit, imbecile, block, bean, nimrod, nob, blockhead, bonce, cuddy, tagliatelle, dumbhead, domed stadium, body, cannelloni, yahoo, dullard, golem, macaroni, lump, spaghetti, hammerhead, lunkhead, linguine, deadhead, pinhead, dolt, dunderhead, goon, dum-dum, vermicelli, goof, ninny, gander, dope, dunce, dimwit, garret, attic, dumbbell, bonehead, ninnyhammer, ravioli, bubblehead, stupid, yo-yo, bean plant, dummkopf, dim bulb, woodenhead, dodo, clot, airhead, nut, knucklehead, doofus, stupe, lamebrain, cretin, clunk, loon.

Examples of usage:

There is something truly magical about hand-pulled noodles that I'm completely obsessed with.

Fancy, if I had stayed the hateful noodle that I was that night! - "Hildegarde's Harvest", Laura E. Richards.

" You're a noodle, a pitiful simpleton- whatever will become of you? - "Pelle the Conqueror, Vol. 2", Martin Anderson Nexo.

Similar words:

noose, slip noose, running noose.

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