Synonyms for Dissent:


award, bring in a verdict, call for, acquit, citation, acquittal, bar, annul, charge. apostasy, barricade, boycott, agitation, anarchy, agriterrorism, 911, bioterrorism, civil disobedience, 77. contradict, contest, take issue with someone/something, react against. competition (noun)
conflict (noun)
defiance (noun)
confrontation, attack, temerity, boldness, contravention, audacity, rebelliousness, obstinacy, affront, insolence, counteraction, insurgency, resistance, stubbornness, dissension, insubordination, defiance, recalcitrance.
difference of opinion (noun)
disagreement (noun)
complaint, nonagreement, disaccord, repudiation, divisiveness, argument, rejection.
disagreement, disapproval (noun)
difference, resistance, objection, dissension, conflict, disunity, dissidence, heterodoxy, protest, contention, nonagreement, disaccord, nonconformity, hassle, opposition, heresy.
discordance (noun)
antipathy, incompatibility, enmity, contention, animosity, discordance, disagreement, dissonance, hostility, antagonism, opposition, collision, disunity, disharmony, friction, dissidence.
dissent (noun)
resist, objection, protest.
nonconformity (noun)
heresy, difference, nonconformity, heterodoxy.


conflict (verb)
brawl, antagonize, squabble, blast, broil, bicker, feud, disagree, altercate, conflict, clamor, differ, row, spar, collide, contend, clash, riot.
contend (verb)
dispute, hassle, argue, oppose, encounter, quarrel, defend, withstand, vie, stand, struggle, contrast, protest, wrestle, wrangle.
defy (verb)
contravene, counter, dare, cross, countermand, challenge, counteract, confront, rebel, defy, resist, face.
disagree (verb)
contradict, differ, repudiate, vary, oppose, wrangle, argue, reject, complain, object, demur.
social (verb)
protest, resist.

Other synonyms:

committal, contradict, court-martial, class action, cause, react against, vary, appeal. court. contest, difference. action, case. change
quarrel, altercate, feud.
Other relevant words:
case, vary, heresy, contradict, contest, heterodoxy, appeal, difference, apostasy, action, nonconformity, court, committal, objection.

Usage examples for dissent

  1. Let all Churches beware of crushing dissent – The Expositor's Bible: Ephesians by G. G. Findlay
  2. If you love me," continued she, pleadingly, as her father made a gesture of dissent let us go. – The Garies and Their Friends by Frank J. Webb