Synonyms for Alienation:


atrocity, barbarism, cruelty, evil, bullying, abuse, Brutalities, inhumanity, savagery, maltreatment. alienate, cancel, love, bail, cancellation, cause, assign, blind trust, attest. help, rupture, schism, assemble. mental illness, unbalance, psychopathy, disturbance, sane, brainsickness, insaneness. grant, transferal, assignment, transfer, law, conveyance. alienation (noun)
dissociation, breach, segregation, foreignness, extraneousness, other, inapplicability, difference, irrelevance, disjunction, estrangement, detachment, disaffection, remoteness, separation, division.
disjunction (noun)
cut, disintegration, dissection, rent, amputation, split, fissure, bisection, divorce, incision, slice, partition, disconnection, disengagement, disassembly, cleavage, disassociation, break, Disarticulation, part, disunity.
divorce (noun)
estrangement, widowhood, annulment.
enmity (noun)
discordance, unfriendliness, hatred, opposition, dislike, hard feelings, surliness, Inimicality, contrariety, enmity, hostility, combativeness, coldness, coolness, polarity, Adverseness, animosity, spitefulness, antipathy, Averseness, resentment, conflict, bitterness, loathing, wrath, contention, antagonism, inharmoniousness, incompatibility, rancor, bad blood, tension, friction, malevolence, quarrelsomeness, malice.
estrangement (noun)
rupture, weaning away, deflection, withdrawal, variance, falling out.
feeling (noun)
disaffection, estrangement.
insanity (noun)
loneliness (noun)
ivory tower, quarantine, desolation.
psychopathy (noun)
seclusion (noun)
captivity, anonymity, confinement, isolation, exclusion, misanthropy, loneliness, expatriation, banishment, ejection, exile, Reclusion, eradication, extradition, solitude, excommunication, aloofness, removal, ostracism, disbarment, deportation, extirpation, seclusion, apartheid, elimination, xenophobia, aloneness, standoffishness, rejection.
separation (noun)
unfriendliness (noun)
division, breach, withdrawal, coolness, remoteness, rupture, disaffection, divorce, variance, separation, estrangement.

Other synonyms:

cancel, psychopathy, mental illness, blind trust, assign, insaneness, bail, brainsickness. cancellation, schism, attest. conveyance, rupture, alienate. cause. assignment. disturbance. loneliness
desolation, ivory tower.
Other relevant words:
ivory tower, alienate, schism, falling out, assignment, insaneness, transfer, assign, brainsickness, rupture, mental illness, disaffection, unbalance, variance, transferal, withdrawal, conveyance, psychopathy, desolation, grant, bail, disturbance.

Usage examples for alienation

  1. At least one thing is the result- a permanent state of alienation contempt of authority, and hatred. – The Anti-Slavery Examiner, Omnibus by American Anti-Slavery Society
  2. He could not appreciate the nobleness of Ellen's self- command and the obedience which was the security of future happiness, but was hurt at what he thought weak alienation – Chantry House by Charlotte M. Yonge
  3. As the chief motive for an evasion of the laws and the principal cause of their result in land accumulation instead of land distribution is the facility with which transfers are made of the right intended to be secured to settlers, it may be deemed advisable to provide by legislation some guards and checks upon the alienation of homestead rights and lands covered thereby until patents issue. – Complete State of the Union Addresses from 1790 to the Present by Various