Synonyms for Quarrel:


disagreement, altercation, a war of words, spat, fight, squabble. dicker, tangle, debate, word, fight it out, difficulty, polemic, rhubarb, cavil, tiff. competition (noun)
contention (noun)
confrontation, encounter, protest, resistance, contrariety, dispute, contention, opposition, dissidence, antagonism, friction, dissension, conflict, struggle, tension, controversy, argument, antipathy.
disagreement (noun)
controversy, fight, rhubarb, brawl, hassle, complaint, contention, struggle, dispute, disapproval, dissidence, run-in, dissension, difficulty, row, altercation, wrangle, friction, tiff, argument, objection, squabble, spat, scrap.
discord (noun)
objection (noun)
disagreement, complaint, objection, disapproval.
quarrel (noun)
argufy, altercate, words, dustup, run-in, scrap, wrangle, dispute, row.


contend (verb)
brawl, confront, wrangle, clash, vie, contend, withstand, argue, defend, wrestle, hassle, dissent, antagonize, contrast, resist, bicker, face, oppose, stand.
disagree (verb)
clash, argue, dissent, cavil, bicker, tangle, contend, altercate.

Other synonyms:

fight, rhubarb. debate, tiff, polemic. tangle. difficulty. word. tiff
altercation, squabble.
Other relevant words:
debate, scrap, spat, tangle, word, disapproval, fight, rhubarb, argufy, polemic, altercate, row, complaint, run-in, words, altercation, disagreement, cavil, dustup, difficulty, objection, squabble, tiff.

Usage examples for quarrel

  1. But I was too happy to quarrel with him. – Explorers of the Dawn by Mazo de la Roche
  2. You haven't any quarrel with Dreer. – Left Tackle Thayer by Ralph Henry Barbour
  3. For selfish reasons she did not wish to quarrel with her. – Marjorie Dean College Freshman by Pauline Lester