Synonyms for Submit:


proffer, keep to, recognize, abide by, adhere to, follow. arraign, propose, call, appear, suggest, advise, bring before, appeal. give away, bomb out of, fold, go out, buckle, appease, go down, lose, roll over. submit (noun)
pass on, bow, undergo, state, accede, reconcile, resign, render, present, relegate, take, put forward, defer, put in, give in.


cognition (verb)
comply (verb)
cede, surrender, comply, concur, respect, succumb, acquiesce, obey, assent, genuflect, yield, bend, cave, consent, defer, conform, observe, knuckle under, adhere, fulfill, kowtow, capitulate, agree, bow.
comply, endure (verb)
buckle, accede, bow, fold, acquiesce, obey, acknowledge, bend, yield, kowtow, give in, surrender, give away, knuckle under, appease, cave, succumb, agree, cede, capitulate, defer.
conform (verb)
mimic, ape.
give (verb)
deliver, assist, share, consign, disburse, dispense, ascribe, attribute, fund, dole, expend, devote, send, ration, help, award, shower, provide, bequeath, lend, furnish, supply, donate, pay, lavish, contribute, allow, assign, allot.
obey (verb)
offer (verb)
invite, bid, extend, advance, issue, approach, render, offer, give, impart, present, cite, endow, tender, bestow, grant, attempt, quote, deal.

Other synonyms:

suggest, bomb out of, appease, propose. suffer, roll over. go out, buckle. lose, go down, give away. fold. comply
adhere to.
give in
knuckle under, capitulate.

Usage examples for submit

  1. Missionaries, then, must either suffer their children to grow up with a very limited education, or submit to the alternative sooner or later of sending them to a Christian land. – Thoughts on Missions by Sheldon Dibble
  2. But, of course, while I remain, I must be content to submit to it. – The British Barbarians by Grant Allen