Synonyms for Conflicting:


at variance (adjective)
conflicting (adjective)
dissident, discordant, rioting, raucous, disharmonious, hostile, brawling, warring, clashing, cacophonous, contentious, bickering, rowing, Squabbling, colliding, antagonistic, harsh, antipathetic, tense, feuding, dissenting, clamoring, loath, dissonant, differing.
confuted (adjective)
silenced, Abrogated, Challenged, Abnegated, invalidated, Refuted, Disproved, Denied, repudiated, Contradicted, Disavowed, disputed.
contentious (adjective)
quarrelsome, argumentive, oppositional, resistant, controversial, dissenting, contrary, antagonistic, protesting, dissident, contentious, confrontational.
contradictory (adjective)
clashing, discordant, contrary, dissonant, incompatible, antagonistic, adverse, unfavorable, inconsistent, discrepant, opposing, opposed, antipathetic.
defiant (adjective)
recalcitrant, insurgent, rebellious, challenging, bold, factious, resistant, dissenting, defiant, daring, insubordinate, confrontational, audacious, obstinate, stubborn, insolent.
different (adjective)
different, unmatched, abnormal, unequal, distinct, heterogeneous, various, mismatched, contradictory, divergent, nonuniform, unlike, varying, contrary, contrasting, differing, diverse, disparate, unalike, asymmetric, dissimilar, discordant.
disagreeing (adjective)
discrepant, Quarreling.
discordant (adjective)
discord, inharmonious, fricative, differing, discordant, unmelodious, antagonistic, hostile, dissonant, disharmonious, cacophonous, quarrelsome, unmusical, jarring, contentious, tuneless, unharmonious.
divergent (adjective)
contrasting, unalike.
opposing (adjective)
oppositional (adjective)
hindering, impeding, repelling, Counteracting, defiant, counterattacking, confrontational, contradictory, interfering, Resisting, antagonizing, Disputing, oppositional, protesting, Objecting, Rebuffing, obstructive, inhibiting, Suppressing, Repulsing, crossing, challenging, repressing.


alternative. clashing (noun)
discrepant, incompatible, adverse, unfavorable.
conflicting (noun)
at odds, inconsistent, opposed, self-contradictory, contradictory.


battling (verb)
engaging, Contesting, Battling, tussling, driving, Scuffling, campaigning, Combating, Scrambling.
conflicting (verb)
antagonizing, blasting, bickering, sparing, Altercating, clashing, dissenting, disagreeing, colliding, Squabbling, rioting, feuding, contending, brawling, rowing, broiling, clamoring.
confuting (verb)
challenging, Abnegating, invalidating, Repealing, Repudiating, Disproving, Rebutting, disaffirming, Contradicting, Confuting, Refuting, negating, Disputing, Abrogating, Rejoining, Denying, Disavowing.
contending (verb)
defending, standing, wrangling, opposing, struggling, Encountering, Vying, Resisting, facing, Withstanding, wrestling, hassling, confronting, Quarreling, arguing.
contrasting (verb)
Deviating, Diversifying, diverging, differentiating.
disagreeing (verb)
complaining, Demurring, Objecting, Rejecting, Defying.
opposing (verb)
Repulsing, fighting, Intercepting, Oppressing, hindering, Counteracting, crossing, Checking, Rebuffing, countering, interfering, repressing, counterattacking, impeding, Suppressing, meddling, inhibiting, Obstructing, repelling.

Other synonyms:

alternative. hostile
Other relevant words:
at odds, self-contradictory, discrepant, unfavorable, alternative, inconsistent, adverse, opposed, incompatible.

Usage examples for conflicting

  1. I had been torn with a thousand conflicting emotions since I overheard him discussing the state of affairs at Glenarm House with Pickering in the chapel porch; and Pickering's acquaintance with the girl in gray brought new elements into the affair that added to my uneasiness. – The House of a Thousand Candles by Meredith Nicholson
  2. Figures and sums of money occur constantly in Balzac's letters; but his accounts of his pecuniary affairs are so conflicting and so complicated that it is impossible to understand them; indeed it is doubtful whether he ever mastered them himself, as he continually expected to be out of debt in a few months. – Honore de Balzac, His Life and Writings by Mary F. Sandars
  3. All these conflicting elements of new history were felt in the palace as in other dwellings, and made part of Queen Victoria's life in those days. – Life of Her Most Gracious Majesty the Queen, (Victoria) Vol II by Sarah Tytler