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faction - 169 results
council (noun)

congregation, symposium, body, forum, summit, tribunal, board, cabinet, league, quorum, conference, meeting, convention, inquisition, coalition, parliament, legislature, panel, cadre, congress, committee, caucus, assembly, chamber, council, court.

crew (noun)

crowd, battalion, brigade, cabal, clan, troop, school, body, colony, assembly, staff, platoon, army, coterie, phalanx, club, company, drove, crew, caucus, fellowship, string, gang, outfit, coalition, hive, circle, bevy, fleet, group, complement, covey, herd, band, party, detail, flock, cell, team, posse, society, assemblage, aggregation, clique, division, pack, tribe, league, wing, junta, troupe, litter, sect, fraternity, host, cadre, detachment, ring, nest, union, squad, regiment, retinue, force, mob, collection, bunch, set.

Other synonyms:

dissentience, disaccord, cock-and-bull story, junta, schism, dissent, dissension, disagreement, concern, comedy, dispute, cartel, pressure group, inharmony, adaptation, knot, religious order, crop, conspiracy, conclave, machine, side, difficulty, cabal, contingent, sect, partnership, camp, combine, allegory, confederacy, difference, lobby, a war of words, junto, discord, clutch, disunity, classic, conflict, strife, dissidence, clash, religious sect, controversy, drama, argument, elite, focus group, unit, variance, combination, anecdote, intrigue, black comedy, confrontation, discordance, block, contention, camarilla, the in-crowd, detective, dissonance, guild, cluster, friction, bloc, entente, fight, war, misunderstanding, quarrel, epic, warfare, sector.

Examples of usage:

One faction did not want to have the Opera House opened at all. - "Haydn", J. Cuthbert Hadden.

That my Lord Chancellor do from hence begin to be cold to him, because of his seeing him and Arlington so great: that nothing at Court is minded but faction and pleasure, and nothing intended of general good to the kingdom by anybody heartily; so that he believes with me, in a little time confusion will certainly come over all the nation. - "Diary of Samuel Pepys, Complete Transcribed From The Shorthand Manuscript In The Pepysian Library Magdalene College Cambridge By The Rev. Mynors Bright", Samuel Pepys Commentator: Lord Braybrooke.

For a faction was forming with Hynds House as its storm- center, and it was one which threatened Mrs. Scarboro's hitherto unquestioned sovereignty. - "A Woman Named Smith", Marie Conway Oemler.

Similar words:

safety factor, Rh Factor, rhesus factor, stable factor, spreading factor, Thyrotropin-releasing Factor, tumor necrosis factor, Tumour Necrosis Factor, think factory, steel factory.

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