Synonyms for Opposite:


all (adjective)
at variance (adjective)
diametric (adjective)
adversarial, inverse, Against, across, reverse, diametric, polar, converse.
different (adjective)
unlike, other.
dissimilar (adjective)
inconsistent, contrary, discordant, dissimilar, unalike, disparate, heterogeneous, divergent, distinct, unlike, nonuniform, aberrant, different.
divergent (adjective)
opposed (adjective)
diametric, antipodal.
opposite (adjective)
inverse, diametric, converse, contrary, negative, reverse, Contra, antithetical, anti.
unlike, conflicting; completely different (adjective)
paradoxical, contrary, reverse, obverse, retrograde, hostile, antipodean, antithetical, different, irreconcilable, contradictory, dissimilar, unalike, adverse, polar, inconsistent, opposed, diametric, counter, facing, inimical, inverse, antipodal.


all (adverb)
face to face.


inimical, in front, past, adverse, hostile, face, in the background, up front, behind, at someone's heels, rear, rearmost. the reverse, obverse, matched, confronting, the contrary, side by side, balance, facing, retrograde, the converse, pole. otherwise, to the contrary, support, paradoxical, antonymic, vice versa, conversely. enemy (noun)
antagonist, competitor, opposition, shrew, sectarian, attacker, unfriendly, foe, opponent, Sectary, combatant, adversary, rival, invader, Archenemy, sanguinary, enemy, assailant, savage.
opponent (noun)
contestant, foil, disputant, opposer, villain, assaulter.
opposite (noun)
antonym, different, diametric, antithesis, opponent, reverse, opposition, diametrical, negation, face to face, inverse, opposite word, polar, contrary, paired, other.
opposite side (noun)
adversary, inverse, converse, diametric, reverse.
something completely unlike (noun)
antonym, opposition, foil, converse, Contra, vice versa, antithesis.

Other synonyms:

antonymous, antipodean, conversely, obverse, rearmost, antipodal, the contrary, antonymic, up front, method acting, rear, vice versa, the converse, opposed. contradictory, face, dramatic, dark, paradoxical, otherwise, acting. behind, pole, opposing, past, rep. go up, counter. balance, in, on. face-to-face
face to face.

Usage examples for opposite

  1. She was sitting in an arm- chair, opposite her husband. – A Houseful of Girls by Sarah Tytler
  2. I was sitting at a window opposite – Our Young Folks at Home and Abroad by Various
  3. Traversez, cross over to opposite place Retraversez, cross back again. – Routledge's Manual of Etiquette by George Routledge