Synonyms for Contrast:


vary, collide, be nothing like, distinguish, stand out, stick out, disagree. contrast (noun)
dividing line, counterpoint, direct contrast, line, demarcation.
difference (noun)
converse, opposition, conflict, Contraposition, divergence, antithesis, inverse, comparison, inconsistency, adverse, incompatibility, variation, clash, inequality, abnormality, disparity, distinction, contrariety, difference, variety, variance, asymmetry, heterogeneity, contradiction, disunity, counterpoint, non-uniformity, discrepancy, Dissemblance, unlikeness, disagreement, aberration, dissimilitude, reverse, mismatch, dissimilarity, diversity, deviation, foil, distinctness.
dissimilarity (noun)
linkdef (noun)
direct contrast.
opposition (noun)
antithesis, Contraposition, contrariety.
variation (noun)


compare (verb)
match, allegorize, liken, parallel, compare.
compare, differ (verb)
mismatch, deviate, distinguish, stand out, diverge, disagree, contradict, conflict, oppose, vary, differentiate.
contend (verb)
stand, argue, hassle, wrangle, quarrel, antagonize, confront, bicker, oppose, withstand, vie, resist, defend, wrestle, dispute, brawl, struggle, protest, face, dissent, encounter, contend.
contrast (verb)
diverge, diversify, differentiate, differ, contradict, deviate.

Other synonyms:

dissociate, set against, check against. disagree, stand out, foil. collide, distinguish, collision. stick out. connect. link. flash. compare
set against.

Usage examples for contrast

  1. " Yes," added her companion; " but it is a truth that he was a great contrast to the girl. – Mère Girauds Little Daughter by Frances Hodgson Burnett
  2. He thought of Harry de Freyne, and felt noble and superior in contrast to what his conduct would have been, as he sat down and wrote with intense pleasure- " Darling Gladys, " I love you. – The Limit by Ada Leverson