Synonyms for Recoil:


blaze, fall silent, misfire, go off. scare, live in fear (of), be/live in dread of, lose your nerve, panic, have a horror of (doing) something, forward, take fright, chicken out. prickle, shiver, shake, quake. event (noun)
recoil (noun)
kick, rebuff, kickback, kick back, quail, cringe, wince, take a hop, boomerang, bounce, backfire, bound, shrink, funk, reverberate, flinch, squinch, resile, repercussion, ricochet, rebound, spring, backlash.


avoid (verb)
decline, shirk, dodge, duck, evade, escape, abstain, sidestep, avert, bypass, shun, circumvent, skip, avoid, shrink, elude.
flinch (verb)
blink, wince, flinch, cower.
hesitate (verb)
falter, pause, hesitate, balk, delay, wait, halt.
recoil (verb)
boomerang, rebuff, rebound, backfire, backlash, ricochet, bounce.
shrink away (verb)
falter, quail, step back, demur, resile, kick, spring, start, backfire, cringe, turn away, shake, blink, pull back, wince, blench, swerve, quake, shirk, duck, rebound, balk, flinch, draw back, shrink, hesitate, dodge.

Other synonyms:

blench. quake, misfire, start back. shy. prickle. go off, blaze, start. avoid
shrink from.
back down
pull back.
draw back
start back.
blench, start.