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depart (verb)

flee, part, exit, embark, withdraw, quit, decamp, go, abandon, leave.

Other synonyms:

lift off, approach, spark, cut out, operate, get, commence, kick the bucket, get down, choke, shove, lead off, embark on, leave office, vary, go forth, scarper, deviate, walk out, move, split, pack, swerve, break up, fit, correct, go bad, sidetrack, variegate, hold up, fall by the wayside, set out, bugger off, move on, run, break, stop, start up, discontinue, starve, alter, spark off, motley, digress, stray, protrude, provide, veer, offset, clear off, work, get out, touch off, begin, peel off, pop off, lay down your life, incite, allow for, impart, rifle, bring out, blow, diverge, clear out, split up, get off the ground, take time off, decline, stir up, go, take leave, endure, give up, croak, drop out, jump, draw out, lay off, startle, get off, divert, will, expound, run low, go out, set forth, foreswear, go away, kick in, locomote, array, trigger off, peg out, disunite, range, give-up the ghost, err, divide, pop out, leave alone, allow, pull up stakes, breathe your last (breath), plump, live, pull out, conk out, exposit, extend, bulge out, function, deduct, resign, demise, live on, proceed, sprawl, go off, trip, come away, divagate, detonate, kick off, belong, step, push off, run short, leave behind, part, conk, forget, drop by the wayside, bug off, throw in the towel, give out, throw in, set off, explode, separate, flatline, bail, result, relinquish, chuck up the sponge, blend, take up, lay out, bequeath, bulge, dig out, drop dead, bug out, cash in one's chips, bail out, set about, retire, get away, get going, lead, suffocate, start out, survive, blow up, turn aside, buzz, lose your life, cancel, initiate, book, run along, change, actuate, quit, travel, renounce, shove off, leave, begone, buy the farm, snuff it, break down, sally, straggle, step down, sound, last, drop, start, originate, come out, instigate, push on, drown, subtract, entrust, step out, give, take off, hold out, pop, check out, give way, trigger, pike, vamoose, blend in, fail, wither, become, activate.

Examples of usage:

Prince Hatzfeld will depart with this letter for Paris early in the morning." - "NAPOLEON AND BLUCHER", L. Muhlbach.

As I must live on, with generation after generation rising up about me, I want those generations to know before they depart from this earth that I am a person who does not die. - "The Vizier of the Two-Horned Alexander", Frank R. Stockton.

Bertha was so indignant at this remark that she did not attempt to find an answer, but called Fritz, and was about to depart. - "Bertha Garlan", Arthur Schnitzler.

Similar words:

deport, depict, departed, departer, deparia, Deparia Acrostichoides, depot, train depot, bus depot.

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