Synonyms for Leafy:


abundant in foliage (adjective)
abundant, leaved, leafed, abounding, shady, green, hidden, covered, umbrageous, wooded, shaded, verdant.
green (adjective)
foliate, green.
shaded (adjective)
shady (adjective)


forested, lush, wooded, scrubby, coniferous, woody, grassy. leafy (noun)
bowery, foliose, leaved, ivy-covered, foliate, bifoliate, foliolate, foliaged, unifoliate, ivied, leaflike, foliaceous, leafed.

Other synonyms:

wooded, forested. scrubby, coniferous. woody. fuzzy
Other relevant words:
bushy, abundant, covered, springlike, green, verdant, woody, lush, shaded, summery, shady, umbrageous, hidden, wooded, abounding, forested, grassy.

Usage examples for leafy

  1. It is not the mountain height, but the waving, leafy lower slopes- and yet we pass on to the height by those slopes! – Foes by Mary Johnston
  2. " You interrupted me," says Miss Massereene, leaning back comfortably and raising her exquisite eyes in lazy admiration of the green and leafy tangle far above her. – Molly Bawn by Margaret Wolfe Hamilton
  3. " Edna is really very good- natured," thought Bessie gratefully, as she sauntered happily through the leafy lanes. – Our Bessie by Rosa Nouchette Carey