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leafy - 48 results
Examples of usage:

It is not the mountain height, but the waving, leafy, lower slopes- and yet we pass on to the height by those slopes! - "Foes", Mary Johnston.

" You interrupted me," says Miss Massereene, leaning back comfortably and raising her exquisite eyes in lazy admiration of the green and leafy tangle far above her. - "Molly Bawn", Margaret Wolfe Hamilton.

" Edna is really very good- natured," thought Bessie gratefully, as she sauntered happily through the leafy lanes. - "Our Bessie", Rosa Nouchette Carey.

Similar words:

seed leaf, satin leaf, scale leaf, single-leaf, sagittate-leaf, short-leaf pine, single-leaf pine, Single-leaf Pinyon, shore leave, sabbatical leave.

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