Synonyms for Alienate:


trample, abuse, mistreat, hit out, grind down, do someone wrong, shove around, kick around, oppress. color, decide, love, lead to, stir, influence, catch, grip, pack a punch, skew. deed, law, bail, cancel, grant, convey, attest, cause, transfer, make over, blind trust, assignment, cancellation, alienation, sign over, assign. alienate (noun)
alien, estrange, disaffect.
estrange (noun)
turn away, turn off, make indifferent or averse, wean away, make unfriendly, set against, antagonize, come between, withdraw the affections of, make inimical.


alienate (verb)
divorce, antagonize, disunite, estrange, disaffect, separate, push away, distance, divide.
cause unfriendliness, hostility (verb)
turn off, divide, come between, disaffect, estrange, divorce, set against, separate, disunite, turn away, withdraw the affections of, part.
dissociate (verb)
insulate, detach, disassociate, dissociate, fragment, partition, split, halve, disconnect, cleave, sunder, part, disjoin, dismantle, sever, segregate, disengage, break, uncouple, rupture, excise, rend.
emotion (verb)
estrange, disaffect.
intervene (verb)
come between.
seclude (verb)
evict, excommunicate, reject, cloister, extradite, oust, confine, deport, blackball, closet, banish, eject, isolate, ostracize, expel, blacklist, sequester, boycott, disbar, screen, expatriate, extirpate, exile, remove, seclude, cordon, eliminate, exclude.
separate (verb)
disintegrate, Unglue, unhinge, bisect, dissect, scissor, Unfix, axe, cut, incise, amputate, slice, rip, disaffiliate, pare, disassemble, disarticulate.

Other synonyms:

cancel, assignment, blind trust, bail. alienation, cancellation, attest. grant, cause. transfer. assign. convey. dissociate
Other relevant words:
color, grant, cancel, influence, oppress, deed, abuse, transfer, set against, convey, alienation, skew, love, come between, mistreat, bail, stir, catch, trample, assignment, assign, grip, cancellation, attest, antagonize, cause, decide, turn away, law, make over, alien, turn off, sign over, withdraw the affections of.

Usage examples for alienate

  1. Then he bethought himself that, after all, he might sorely need all she could give, if things went against him, and that she was the last person he could afford to alienate but I do remember that I asked you that," he added-" no doubt foolishly." – The Weavers, Complete by Gilbert Parker Last Updated: March 14, 2009