Synonyms for Park:


lawn, enclosure, agora, grass, meadow, parkway, area, brownfield, plaza, playground, place, cabbagetown, lot, cantonment, borough, market place, boulevard, promenade, armpit, burbs, barrio, woodland, block, square, tract. backyard, garage, close, back, arcade, blind alley, alleyway, parking space, alley, cloister, campus. ball boy, at-bat, baseball, base, baseline, ball, balk, ball girl, batboy. temporize, delay, play for time, procrastinate, wait, sit on, hesitate, wait around, put off, hold off. countryside, back country, the bush, country, bedroom community, the boondocks, backwater, the boonies, green belt, backwoods. position, balance, set, put, set out, pile, lay, put down, settle. meter, clamp, double-park, double yellow line, off-street parking, motor park, bay, meter maid. leg, division, the FA Cup, footballer, FIFA, flag football, football, Gaelic football, Australian Rules football, football player. land that is reserved for pleasure, recreation (noun)
meadow, green, grass, tract, place, lot, playground, parkland, square, plaza, lawn, woodland.
location (noun)
park (noun)
commons, ballpark, Mungo Park, green, parking area, common, car park, parkland, parking lot.
parking lot (noun)
garage, car park.
person (noun)
Mungo Park.


place vehicle in a position (verb)
put, position.

Other synonyms:

lawn, meter maid, off-street parking, enclosure. motor park, double yellow line. place, meter. clamp. bay. playing field
Other relevant words:
country, meter, FIFA, borough, delay, backwoods, meadow, ball, woodland, arcade, clamp, barrio, batboy, brownfield, lot, baseline, cantonment, temporize, cloister, armpit, agora, procrastinate, enclosure, backwater, area, balk, burbs, set, hesitate, lawn, base, footballer, garage, wait, boulevard, parkway, settle, market place, lay, position, cabbagetown, bay, baseball, countryside, block, alley, square, promenade, tract, double-park, division, playground, football, back, campus, common, backyard, leg, balance, pile, plaza, grass, close, place, put, alleyway.

Usage examples for park

  1. Why don't you go for a ride in the park – Victor Ollnee's Discipline by Hamlin Garland
  2. " Monsieur, will you walk with me in the park – The Puppet Crown by Harold MacGrath
  3. But from our windows I could see the wall around the count's park and apple- trees above it. – Plays by August Strindberg, Second series by August Strindberg