Synonyms for Pack:


carpetbag, briefcase, package, Attache Case, box, carryall, cabin baggage, bum bag, accompanied baggage, packet. dressing, sponge, plaster, constellation, age group, array, application, busload, bandage. arsenal, agglomeration, assortment, bank, battery, deck, bale, batch. capture, angling, bite, cast, blood sports, bait, big game. crate, bed, center, embed, entomb, bottle, bury. corset, band aid, collar, cotton, cotton ball, braces, cane. flight, brace, gaggle. carton, bubble wrap, cover, blister pack, boxed, case, Bottled, matchbox, matchbook, jacket. cigarette, fag, cigarette paper, cigar, briar, cheroot, butt, ciggy, chew. flash-freeze, homogenize, freeze, dry, can, dehydrate, cure, irradiate, dehydration. den, cub scout, girl scout, boy scout, brownie, eagle scout, the Cub Scouts, the Brownies, den-mother, jamboree. copy, cheat, fake, hustle, get your hands dirty, insinuate yourself (into something), falsify, be caught with your hand in the cookie jar. car pool, flotilla, motorcade, traffic, convoy. saturate, stuff, pack in, choke. fire, open up, fire off, fight, let off, discharge. documentation, correspondence, ephemera, papers, rewrite, printed matter, material, paperwork. a great deal (noun)
barrel, plenty, abundance, wealth, big, mountain, much, profusion, sight, power, world, peck.
backpack (noun)
bag (noun)
crew (noun)
staff, regiment, aggregation, drove, fleet, string, phalanx, school, covey, cadre, assembly, host, fellowship, circle, group, crowd, brigade, ring, union, clan, nest, squad, platoon, outfit, sect, assemblage, gang, army, set, tribe, battalion, complement, bevy, retinue, troop, crew, caucus, society, posse, body, troupe, party, litter, hive, fraternity, detachment, mob, colony, cell, clique, band, club, detail, collection, division, bunch, force, faction, league, team, coalition, coterie, herd, junta, cabal, wing, company, flock.
group, bunch (noun)
crew, barrel, mob, number, flock, band, much, troop, peck, pile, set, assemblage, collection, gang, throng, drove, deck, herd, crowd, circle, company.
kit (noun)
baggage, bag, burden, gear, knapsack, load, equipment, kit.
kit, package (noun)
baggage, backpack, bale, equipment, load, outfit, burden, knapsack.
pack (noun)
cram, camp, wad, tamp down, backpack, ram, tamp, chock up, throng, mob, large number, carry, inner circle, face pack, take, jampack, ring, pile, compact, ingroup, jam, clique, load down, multitude, gang, coterie, battalion.


fill, compact (verb)
jam, ram, tamp, cram, stuff, choke.
line (verb)
pad, face, line, wad, Interline, inlay, insulate.
make ready for transport (verb)
brace, bunch, package, batch.

Other synonyms:

convoy, bag, falsify, motorcade, packet, printed matter, flotilla, package. dressing, ephemera, saturate, documentation, paperwork, deck. copy, correspondence, rewrite, car pool. hustle, pack in. fake, cheat, stuff. traffic. material. choke. a great deal
much, mountain, power, abundance, barrel, plenty, world, wealth, sight, profusion.
back pack
tamp, cram, pack in.
Other relevant words:
deck, batch, sight, packet, flight, kit, jam, carry, stuff, multitude, battery, pile, bale, choke, throng, plenty, cram, package, load, peck.

Usage examples for pack

  1. I'll see my uncle and pack and meet you at the train. – Dixie Hart by Will N. Harben
  2. I don't know why I should have so much trouble over a pack of lads who are more worry than they are worth. – The Black Bar by George Manville Fenn