Synonyms for Away:


absent (adjective)
empty, elsewhere, missing, gone, abstract, out, departed, vacant, nonexistent, Omitted, lacking, absent, void, truant, no-show, wanting.
all (adjective)
inaccessible (adjective)
out of reach (adjective)


all (adverb)
forth, out, off.
forth (adverb)


continuously (adverb)
sporadically, on, momentarily, briefly, incessantly.
near (adverb)


about, present, up, Against, backward, back, distant, beyond, around, out of, down, here. in absentia, absence, misplaced, unattainable, unavailable, lost. outlying, outermost, lonely, inaccessible, isolated. constant, enduring, long-term, extended, never-ending, on and on, lasting, for some time, prolonged. sooner or later, when the time comes, someday, to come, in the long run/term, tomorrow, later, one day. further, all the way, long, long-distance, From, little. dissipation, disappearing act, disappearance, into/out of thin air, extinction, into thin air, dissolution. cosmetic, developmental, gradual, drastic, gradually, radical, evolutionary, radically, quicksilver. inner, interior, indoors, internal, Into, inside, in, within. contact sport, friendly, return, game, support, Sports, in hand, extreme sport, zero-sum game. away (noun)
by, off, aside, outside, inaccurate, out, forth.
eliminate (noun)
discard, get rid of, abolish, end.

Other synonyms:

down, unavailable, extreme sport, cosmetic, outermost, evolutionary, inaccessible, drastic, beyond, disappearing act, unattainable, disappearance, backward, radically, lost, misplaced, extinction, up, long-distance, contact sport, zero-sum game, outlying. developmental, dissipation, isolated, dissolution, lonely, Against, gradual, From, quicksilver. friendly, within, back, little. around. about, radical, game. further. long, return. support. Other relevant words:
distant, radical, extinction, absent, in, indoors, lasting, someday, dissipation, aside, up, misplaced, internal, unavailable, developmental, momentarily, Into, forth, further, support, outermost, outlying, extended, interior, friendly, sporadically, back, gradually, constant, quicksilver, long, dissolution, drastic, cosmetic, evolutionary, inaccurate, backward, isolated, long-distance, off, disappearance, lonely, by, long-term, enduring, game, radically, prolonged, outside, here, inside, later, around, incessantly, down, out of, end, inner, Against, gradual, on, about, beyond, absence, lost, within, Sports, return, on and on, discard, abolish, From, inaccessible, unattainable, tomorrow, briefly, little, never-ending.

Usage examples for away

  1. So you are going away again! – Andersen's Fairy Tales by Hans Christian Andersen
  2. I did not answer him, but endeavoured to get away – Hurricane Hurry by W.H.G. Kingston
  3. I came to him myself, and if you take me away now, I shall come back again. – The Live Corpse by Leo Tolstoy