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dwell - 113 results
live (verb)

bunk, tenant, exist, go on living, abide, endure, settle, rent, live, flop, have a lease on, reside, hang out, room, survive, pitch a tent, live in, tent, crash, live at, continue, persist, keep house, have digs at, be at home.

inhabit (verb)

occupy, lodge, populate, inhabit, reside.

Examples of usage:

The prospect of any harm coming to him is one upon which I cannot bear to dwell. - "Allan and the Holy Flower", H. Rider Haggard.

The other matters, the object of his journey chief of all, he refused to dwell upon with any imagination. - "Four Weird Tales", Algernon Blackwood.

Self- importance and Love cannot dwell together in the same house of clay. - "The Five Great Philosophies of Life", William de Witt Hyde.

Similar words:

dwell on, dwells, dweeb, Dwelled, dweller, cottage dweller, cave dweller, island-dweller.

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