Synonyms for Bail:


cancel, assignment, blind trust, alienation, alienate, cancellation, assign, attest, cause. law, call off, pull back, forget, back down, hold back, knock something on the head, cry off, think better of something, forgo, back out. escapee, discharge, bust out, break out, bondsman, free, breakout, escaped, bailsman. fine, disqualify, noncustodial, damages, community service, forfeit, disqualification, extradition, impound. bail (noun)
bond, bail bond.
bond (noun)
recognizance, collateral, guaranty, warrant, pawn.
guarantee (noun)
money for assurance (noun)
recognizance, bond, collateral, warrant, pawn.
possession (noun)
bond, bail bond.

Other synonyms:

escapee, assignment, extradition, disqualify, cancel, bust out, bailsman, bondsman, disqualification, escaped, blind trust, assign. community service, cancellation, noncustodial, alienation, attest, forfeit. alienate. break out, cause, breakout. discharge. free, fine. Other relevant words:
extradition, escaped, disqualification, recognizance, guaranty, noncustodial, law, attest, breakout, fine, forget, alienate, bailsman, forgo, free, bondsman, damages, alienation, escapee, collateral, assignment, discharge, impound, assign, warrant, disqualify, pawn, cancellation, forfeit, cancel, cause.

Usage examples for bail

  1. It leaked rather faster than I could bail but even at that it floated as long as there was water to float it. – Down the Columbia by Lewis R. Freeman