Synonyms for Ship:


diesel, machine, flier, amphibian, personal transporter, motor vehicle, coaster, escort. dispatch, pack off, relocate, parachute, move, farm out, route, consign, address, bundle off. copy to, fire off, circulate, get. cockleshell, coracle, canal boat, carrier, Bowser, bulk carrier. boat (noun)
galley, paddle boat, gunboat, watercraft, icebreaker, scow, motorboat, houseboat, raft, sailboat, frigate, speedboat, aircraft carrier, dugout, cargo boat, canoe, cruiser, yacht, catamaran, kayak, fishing boat, ocean liner, boat, liner, freighter, merchantman, scull, cabin cruiser, ferry, hydrofoil, cutter, battleship, rowboat, lifeboat, Bateau, steamboat, hulk, pontoon, sampan, skiff, submarine, tugboat, tanker, trawler, dinghy, vessel, destroyer, bark, longboat, dory, barge, schooner, gondola.
ship (noun)
send, transport, embark.
vehicle (noun)
conveyance, bus, automobile, coach, jalopy, stagecoach, station wagon, van, coupe, jeep, ambulance, taxi, sled, motorcar, train, convertible, tractor, cart, vehicle, limousine, car, buggy, bicycle, taxicab, motorcycle, sledge, cab, armored car, boxcar, hearse, fire engine, sedan, brougham, truck, wagon, roadster, landau, auto.


boat (verb)
row, sail.
motion (verb)
send, transport.
send, transport (verb)
embark, haul, route, address, transfer, move, forward, dispatch, consign.
ship (verb)
forward, haul, carry, convey, transfer, transport.

Other synonyms:

copy to, pack off, consign, parachute. farm out, packet, carrier. dispatch, route. circulate. address. get. man-of-war
craft, yawl.
Other relevant words:
flier, carrier, cargo ship, trimaran, Lorcha, steamship, steamer, galleon, craft, dispatch, brigantine, address, move, hoy, Galiot, dhow, baghla, sloop, escort, embark, pilot boat, send, get, brig, bugeye, consign, parachute, Caravel, ketch, Barkentine, junk, route, ocean greyhound, Billyboy, clipper, felucca, cockleshell, coaster, corvette, Caique, yawl, Bowser, diesel, Bilander, packet, machine, circulate, supertanker, lugger, lightship, Patamar, coracle, relocate, amphibian, pindjajap, tug, windjammer, dragger, CASCO, Xebec.

Usage examples for ship

  1. He went on board a ship – The Sand-Hills of Jutland by Hans Christian Andersen
  2. I've got to catch that ship – The Black Bag by Louis Joseph Vance
  3. You shouldn't ship her full of water like that! – The Enchanted Canyon by Honoré Willsie Morrow