Synonyms for Stake:


bond, blue-chip, derivative, capital-intensive, capital gains tax, arbitrage, debenture, annuity, contrarian. put on, gambling, break the bank, ante, see, put money on something, toss. capital punishment, death row, death warrant, title, death sentence, the death penalty, behead, execute, claim, the chair, crucifixion. danger, funding, backing, capital, fear, capitalization, grubstake, money, subsidization, threat, financing, help. clash, cup, the Commonwealth Games, bye, contest, challenge, crown, close season, card, championship. dare, run the risk (of something), throw/cast caution to the wind(s), live dangerously. winnings, jackpot, rollover, chip, kitty, starting price, smart money. intervention, entry, intrusion, engagement, exclusion, participation, interference. gymkhana, flat race, the horses, double, handicap, furlong, horseflesh, flat racing, dressage, going. string, length, strip, filament, line, thread, spring. adjustment (noun)
allotment, apportionment, share.
advance (noun)
allotment (noun)
chunk, measure, dispensation, allotment, allowance, proportion, part, division, commission, partition, portion, allocation, lot, apportionment, split, quota, ration, slice, assignment, budget, percentage, parcel, share, segment, quantum, stipend, piece.
asset(s) (noun)
backing, capital, kitty, budget.
bar (noun)
communication (noun)
portion (noun)
cut, compartment, dividend, half, bit, stock, member, sector, zone, subdivision, interest, helping, fraction.
possession (noun)
punishment device (noun)
whip, iron, guillotine, electric chair, prison, stocks, cowhide, noose, rope, gallows, truncheon, bull whip, scaffold, rod, cane, gas chamber, birch rod, solitary confinement, thumbscrew, block, torture chamber, jail, switch, thong, whipping post, rawhide, ax, lash, strap, maiden, pillory, gibbet, rack, captivity.
rod (noun)
pale, paling, stick.
stake (noun)
claim, wager, gage, game, ante, bet, impale, rod, punt, back, pale, stick, paling, hazard, bet on, adventure, venture, post, interest, stakes, jeopardize.


bank on (verb)
bet on, wager.
contact (verb)
social (verb)
adventure, jeopardize, venture, hazard.
stake (verb)
game, grubstake, back, put on, jeopardize.

Other synonyms:

dare, subsidization, participation, winnings, funding, capitalization, intervention, ante, grubstake. financing, exclusion, jackpot, starting price, intrusion, smart money. interference, kitty, backing, rollover, toss. capital. engagement, entry. chip, title. put on. demand
Other relevant words:
claim, see, impale, back, winnings, jackpot, kitty, capital, bet on, rollover, backing, chip, post, stakes, stick, intrusion, game, funding, intervention, dare, ante, capitalization, put on, bond, adventure, gage, handicap, pale, title, toss, subsidization, flat race, paling, venture, jeopardize, punt, hazard, financing, bet, grubstake, participation, wager.

Usage examples for stake

  1. I am not inclined to stake my soul for my shadow. – The Worlds Greatest Books Vol. II: Fiction by Arthur Mee, J. A. Hammerton, Eds.
  2. He was one of the most eager to bring Joan to the stake – Joan of Arc by Ronald Sutherland Gower