Synonyms for Watch:


flash mobbing, commission, association, flash mob, Support Group, organization, panel, hunter, police. right, listen up, just/wait a moment, YO, shift, trick, patrol, hello, okay then, Hey, all-right. federation, front, guild, special interest, setup, watchman, club, bureau, structure, guardian, authority, observer, institution. protect, safeguard, stand up for, shelter, eye, save, shield, defend. countdown, day, duration, tend, look after, see to, chapter, care for, minister to, distance, block, era, epoch. dip, call-in, dip into, flick through, careful, be on the lookout, listen in, be on guard, channel surfing, flip through, couch potato, audience, keep an eye peeled, flip, beware. keep (a) watch, watch for, spy on, stand over, be on the lookout for, follow/watch someone's every move. choose your words (carefully), look out for yourself/number one, tiptoe around, tread carefully/cautiously/lightly etc., watch out for. artifact (noun)
chronometer (noun)
cuckoo clock, hourglass, clock, grandfather clock, chronometer, sand glass, metronome, chronograph, egg timer, wristwatch, sundial, stop watch.
clock worn on body (noun)
wristwatch, chronometer, ticker.
lookout (noun)
heed, picket, observance, spotter, eye, vigilance, patrol, vigil, sentry, sentinel, guard, attention, surveillance, observation, awareness.
watch (noun)
look out, scout, observe, find out, keep an eye on, look on, check, watch out, sentry, sentinel, ascertain, watch over, see, lookout man, lookout, vigil, learn, spotter, picket, follow, determine, ticker.
watchman (noun)


guard, protect (verb)
police, look out, care for, look after, tend, be on the lookout.
heed (verb)
mind, pay attention to, take notice of, care about, scrutinize, study, heed, concentrate on, take seriously, think about, attend.
look at (verb)
keep an eye on, peer, look, see, gaze, view, observe, stare, scrutinize, regard, inspect, attend, spy, mind, follow.
observe (verb)
look, spectate, behold, gaze, eyewitness, witness, view, sight see, observe, perceive.
see (verb)
glimpse, peer, glare, peek, glance, spy, regard, discern, inspect, sight, see, stare.

Other synonyms:

stand over, watch out for, watch for, patrol. vigilance, spy on, defend, tiptoe around, guard. look after. observation. observance. trick. care for
attend, tend.
care for.
watch out, take notice of.
look at
watch out for.

Usage examples for watch

  1. You just watch me, Sue. – Bunny Brown and His Sister Sue Playing Circus by Laura Lee Hope
  2. Bruce looked at his watch – A Mysterious Disappearance by Gordon Holmes
  3. I'll watch while you're gone. – Princess Polly At Play by Amy Brooks